Gifts For Bikers Who All Like To Receive For Christmas

Christmas is coming and the dilemma of every year begin what is you give someone who has everything? With cyclists thing seem complicated, since we do have everything and in variety. In this post I will explain gifts of cycling that we make more enthusiasm and why.

Hit with a gift for a cyclist is easier than it seems, each discipline that we practice requires a few specific accessories or simply we like change of shoes, gloves or helmet from time to time, to change our style.

On the other hand are very technological gadgets lovers, wide range of heart rate monitors and GPS for all budgets, there are in addition in recent years has been popularized the use of potentiometers to train, the same tool that professionals use to evaluate its performance.

Then The Gifts That Would Love To All Cyclist To Receive:

A Beater Helmet

Few things say you want a cycling helmet, first of all are the element of protection no. 1 rider and it is obligatory to carry it in almost any situation.

But also a helmet is an aesthetic add-on that should be consistent with the rest of the equipment, with the right color and a shape that fits the contour of our heads without making it “grow” in excess. We must not forget the comfort, since take you up for hours in both cold and warm climates.

In Bicilink We Have Helmets From 40 Euros, We Help You To Choose One With These Reasons To Consider:

Looking for a casccp Compact, that tee does not “Cabezón”

You are looking for comfort, and if possible with pads, as well as being comfortable, carryantibacterial and antimicrobial treatment

Of course be light

They are cool if the Pros take him and give a helmet that has won the Tour always cool huh?

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The Last Glasses

Sunglasses for cycling are other essential elements of protection. Depending on the time of year is mind boggling the amount of insects that crash against our face and not in our eyes thanks to them.

But let us be realistic, many bikers when we chose our clothes and accessories we take to dress the most striking, for security (visibility) and because it’s cool.

No doubt the Oakley Jawbreaker are glasses which do not leave indifferent, or housewives or hate them, in Bicilink we are divided regarding its aesthetics, because as far as technology is concerned there is no doubt, they are the very best that exist today:

Technology of change of lens Switchlock, a simple switch that releases the entire lens to make it easy to switch between different variants of easily

Impact Protection, if they have something the Jawbreaker is that they cover much area of your face, in addition materials are made to withstand impacts in case of crash

Compound Unobtainium, rubber bands designed to increase the grip of the frame when it is wet with sweat

Three types of lenses available: Prizm Road, Iridium and polarized.

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Sneakers That Look

Along with goggles, cycling shoes are a garment that a team professionals are different, why? Maybe because it is one of the accessories more personal.

It is not uncommon to see non-professional riders who have more than one model, by color, by the station in use, because they both practice MTB as road and the coves are different or simply because “these shoes are to train and to compete”.

However, there are certain aspects that are common to all shoes of bike, first of all that the sole is stiff, this ensures a proper transfer of power between the foot and the pedal; that are comfortable and which adhere firmly to toe loosely.

In Bicilink we do not tire of praising the qualities of the Catlike Whisper MTB as theCatlike Whisper road, these are the reasons:

Their sole incorporates Graphene, a material that is very rigid but lightweight

Its upper part is soft and conforms to the foot, however the toe and heel are hard to protect from shock and scratches

Their zippers ATOP are the very best, a thin cord strategically partitioned by the instep and adjusts without depressing the foot, resulting in very comfortable

They are very ventilated, which are fresh for the summer, and with a simple boot covers we use in winter

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A Next Generation GPS

Today we are addicted to data, especially when we train need to parameterize our performance to know if what we are suffering by making “series on criminals” will serve to enhance.

GPS have become an element more than the bike, not only to show us the speed, Cadence or heart rate, but they also serve to guide us when we want to get into impossible paths in the middle of the mountain, both bike and walk.

In addition, if yours is to practice several sports as well as bike, or especially if you are a triathlete, you are interested have a multipurpose device that fits all your sports.

This Christmas the Garmin Fenix 3 is being a success and is not for less:

A GPS compatible with GLONASS, GPS is the US system and GLONASS the Russian, and can connect to the two you make sure quick and accurate satellite signal

Available altimeter, barometer and compass integrated, so the data you upload to Strava will be more faithful to the possible reality

It is compatible with ANT +, Bluetooth and quantity of standards, you can connect your potentiometer and up to your smartphone so send you notifications

It has compatibility with Connect IQ, you can customize the watches and all the downloadable templates display

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A Potentiometer As The PRO’s

What are the pro’s just hopelessly in the hands of those who take seriously their performance, whether to compete, by desire for improvement, or simply “because of my repaired take it”. No doubt a potentiometer it is one of the best gifts for cyclists that exist, following in the line of “Gadgets” potentiometer is the last to arrive and is going strong. Eastern us allows to measure our performance in Watts and perform test to evaluate it and improve our performance.

There are different variants of the potentiometers, the hub of the wheel, attached to the crank, the spider or the pedals, all these more or less view, adding some weight and with a “questionable” aesthetics.

At Bicilink we suggest you the potentiometer Rotor Inpower 3D + more, this is integrated into the bottom bracket, battery included, invisible is compact and does not add excessive weight:

It is compatible with the vast majority of market pictures, so you won’t have to change bike or do casual to fit it.

The control unit and battery are integrated into the bottom bracket axle, this protects against impact, dirt, moisture and also ensures a perfect data transfer measured directly in the shaft.

Includes a data analysis software, so both you and your coach can interpret them easily on the computer to improve your performance

It is compatible with ANT +, this is the most widespread standard of reading so you can connect to any device that supports this technology

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