Glitter Powder and Mineral Makeup, Beauty Secrets to Use Them Better

Glitter powder and mineral makeup you can mix and blend easily getting a maquillage literally sparkling. Here are our tips and tricks to finish your makeup with a sprinkling of glitter.

The mineral makeup per many women, especially those getting to grips with irritation and skin problems, has become a necessity, and advantage, not only for the health of our skin, is that it can be customized simply by mixing differently colored pigments. To make it even brighter, for example, we might mix it at glittery powders, but here’s what you need to know before you improvise a maquillage sparkling.

The glitter powder actually consist of acrylic pigments, so given the potential irritant we need to know how to mix them appropriately to cosmetics that you usually use, so as not to run any risks. Obviously if you already used the mineral makeup because your skin is very sensitive, then it would be better not to use the glitter powder very often, or maybe not on the face, experiencing maybe something new with the nail polish. For a bright complexion, you can try mixing a little glitter to your body cream, but now we make up.

If you want to apply the glitter on his eyes to refine and make literally bright make up you can try to do it by drawing on the eyelid, then on to make already accomplished, a layer of clear glue for Eyelash extensions, now simply apply the glitter powder and roll it out thoroughly with a brush, so that it will stick to the layer of glue.

For a sparkling effect on the lips should use holographic glitter and a clear gloss giò well mixed with a colored mineral pigment of your choice: the Visual effect excites us but not the idea to swallow them, so if you’re not very convinced, try to use on the lips a bright gloss or Lipstick metal, you could still appreciate the effect without these small effects.