Gloves with Short Fingers

Free fingers are for free creativity! Gloves with short fingers for ladies are gloves, which only cover about half of finger length. Thus they keep the hands warm, but still leave you with full discretion over the knuckles, so it is almost like having bare hands!

Short Fingers Gloves

With these gloves you can so easily write on the cell phone, find coins from the purse and do everything else, when you should use your hands in daily life! You may be worried that the fingers will go to be so cold that you have to shield them against chill, but these gloves also have a solution to the problem! All our gloves with short fingers for ladies have a flap so you can transform the gloves to mittens in seconds. So this is the ultimate 2-in-1 solution for you who would like to have a couple of warm mittens.


Gloves with short fingers-fingerless gloves and mittens combined

Get yourself a pair of gloves that can protect your hands against even the most biting cold and can be transformed into ultra-handy finger gloves here in the range of gloves with short fingers for ladies. They are so ingeniously designed that a button is placed at hand back, and then the mitten portion can be mounted on. Thus it is quick and easy to dismantle it, and you always know where you have the detachable part. The risk of losing the mitten portion will be reduced to a minimum. The has the coolest gloves with short fingers for ladies, so you can get yourself a pair of warm and practical gloves right here on the page!