Google Street View Navigates the Waters Increasingly Shallow River Colorado

The Google Street View took their backpacks with cameras and it was clear more a place that cars do not reach: the Colorado River in the US. It is, today, the river most at risk of disappearing from the map in the country in the coming decades, so it may be that Street View is a unique opportunity to browse through it.

With 2300 kilometers in length, it crosses seven states and two countries (US and Mexico) and supplies water and power to millions of people. Because of their uncontrolled exploitation and natural factors, such as erosion, there are scholars who argue that the quantity of water decreases by 20% over the next 40 years. Currently, he has points to reach at least 2 meters deep and up to 40 meters. In others, reaches dry.

The trip along the river with Street View is fun not only for the first – person view that hardly would have it, but the information that Google entered the project hot site. In it, there is a map with points of interest marked where are described places where fossils have been found, the diversity of soil, volcanic rock Vulcan’s Anvil and other information. More points of interest are listed on a separate page, including rafting images.

And besides all this, the view of the Grand Canyon is very, very beautiful.

The mapping in the first person of the Colorado River was done in partnership with the organization American Rivers, which is dedicated to preserving and educating on US rivers.