Google Will Display Medical Information on the Results Pages

Who has not searched the internet explanations for pain or strange signs in the body? Aware that research on health problems are very common, the Google decided to give more attention to the subject: from now on, the browser will highlight coming medical information from reliable sources.

Therefore, the company will update the Knowledge Graph, that dynamic system implemented in 2016 that shows relevant information about the search term directly on the results page.

So when researching a disease, for example, you find there what are the associated symptoms, the age at which the disease manifests itself more frequently, forms of contagion and so on.

The Google can still display “high quality” graphics that help the user to understand how and in what part of the body the disease manifests itself.

The information comes from different sources, but the company stresses that only the data checked by specialized institutions or professional will be highlighted. Who leads these analyzes is Dr. Kapil Parakh, a key member of Google’s medical staff.

All these precautions are welcome, after all, the amount of inaccurate or misleading medical information on the Internet is great. The problem is that even consistent data can make the user to worry about a minor symptom, or worse, neglect a condition that should be treated as soon as possible.

In general, it all depends on the person’s interpretation of capacity and their level of anxiety. Therefore (and absolve themselves of responsibility, certainly), Google is keen to stress that the information highlighted by the seeker should not be a parameter for self-medication. Consultation with a doctor is still the natural way to any kind of treatment.

The medical information of the Knowledge Graph will initially appear in the US version of Google. The company expressed its intention to take the idea to the other versions of the browser, but did not speak in terms.