Hand Bracelet, Why Not!?

Hey guys, it’s OK with you guys?

Today’s post is about hand bracelets, or “hand palm bracelets” that are appearing around like trend. You’re probably thinking that Jade Bracelet (I know you had one!), but it is quite different! Actually … He’s just like a normal wrist bracelet, just that is embedded in his hand and covering her back and, unlike Jade ring, is not stuck with her for a ring.

OK, but this is beautiful!? where did you come from!? There are people using?

Well.. cute couple really are, you will have it just for the giddy dumb face wears off! RS bracelet idea was of two Russian sisters: Katia and Sonia Gaydamak, who own the jewelry Gaydamak. Coming out of Russia, the accessory has spread all over the world and by the hands of celebrities.

Looking around the net I saw that other jewelry stores and online stores already have the bracelet, prices vary and have for all Pocket, just search.

I thought it was beautiful, just do not know if it is practical.. must grab every time we go fix my hair! RS

And then, you would use?