Headphones, Urbanears Medis 2.0: Between Listening Comfort And Sound

Among the wide range of music headphones, Urbanears Medis 2.0-ear headphones are small jewels of technology: not content to deploy exceptional sound, they adjust perfectly to the ear through a system of fins. Detailed review.

Headphones, Urbanears Medis 2.0: Between Listening Comfort And Sound


Urbanears Medis 2.0: headphones glued to your ears

Keen to offer always more advanced ergonomics and comfort, the brand Urbanears has developed the EarClicksolution: a system of fins that is snap in the ears and do not move. Exit the earphones that fall at the slightest movement or to constantly put in their place! Once installed, the Urbanears Medis 2.0 remain fixed, and provide ideal comfort for your running and fitness sessions.

In addition, they are provided with three pads of various sizes, so that the headphones adapt to the fairest to the shape of each ear. If the presence of the fins can interfere in the early days of use, just a few hours to be there fully!

Urbanears Medis 2.0: no need to turn a deaf ear!

Want to stay in your musical bubble without losing contact with the surrounding world? The Urbanears Medis 2.0 Board a built-in remote control cord. You can thus, with a simple click, put on pause to listen to a colleague, without having to remove your headphones. So, you stay tuned to others in all circumstances! In addition, a handy microphone allows you to launch voice command from your smartphone.

Urbanears Medis 2.0: the promise of a still tidy cord

Last advantage, and not least, ear Urbanears Medis 2.0: the CableLoopfunction. If you are one of those users who lose valuable time to untangle the cord of their headphones before you can enjoy their music, this feature promises to change your life: by winding and setting the cord, you’ll ever need to grind in all directions to untie the knots!

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