Headphones With Noise Reduction Buying Guide

Subway, airplane, train, RER, these means of transport most used have a common point: the noise.

For all those who want to listen to sound quietly on his way to his work (or in back), one solution, a well-insulated helmet. Now percomputer lists the following options:

The noise reduction headphones Passive

Already, some helmets, by design, very effectively filter background noise. They are so-called “passive noise reduction”, because there is no active intervention to combat the surrounding sound inconvenience.Earbud Headphones, for example, act as a plug into the ear canal and in fouling him, dare I say. The insulation depends on the material (rubber, silicone or foam shape memory) used for the listener, a good adaptation of the tip your flag (the vast majority of manufacturers offer also several sizes of tips in their packaging) and of course the intensity of noise. A plane will indeed always more noise than a TGV, and from there, the need for insulation won’t be the same.

-Ear headphones are not the only ones to offer effective insulation, some headphones closed (category to which belong most of the head headband headphones nomads) defend themselves very well in this area. The most effective are those that fully cover the ear, they are so-called “Circum-Aural” type. The Philips Fidelio M1 as the Focal Spirit One or the Urban Ears Zinken are examples of closed headphones that leave very little filter outside noise. So much so that we hear even more on some – Fidelio in particular – announcements of incidents on the line or entry in an area of turbulence on a plane.

Active the noise reduction headphones

The basic principle of active noise reduction headphones is all in all quite simple, in theory.Rather that seek to totally remove the surrounding noise, reduction system registers the noise through a built-in microphone, the analysis then creates a noise at the exactly opposite phase. The sum of the two signals is cancelled, in fact removing the unwanted noise. Of course, this solution is much more complex to implement and optimize. This technology is the result of aviation, where we understand well the usefulness for a pilot who must be able to protect important and potentially dangerous noise for his ears, while perceiving information from the Tower of control or his crew.Some manufacturers, Bose being the most emblematic of them with its QuietComfortline, have transposed this technology to the world of audio.Force is to admit that the active insulation is often very effective, relaxing in that it protects the surrounding hubbub and inserts you into a little cocoon of lovely tranquillity.

Rest reduction active noise, although attractive, has some disadvantages:

  1. As its name suggests, it is areduction, and not a deletion of the ambient noise. So there’s still a residual, more or less annoying noise. The question of his interest, in view of the frequent additional cost of this type of helmet, may arise.
  2. Without generalizing excessively, listening to many active noise reduction headsets available on the market, we see a band bandwidthshortened in the treble and bass, but also a neutrality declining compared to the classic helmets (simply compare the return with reduction enabled and then disabled for realizing it).
  3. Active noise reduction takes place primarily on the low frequencies.Useful to combat sound effects of a roar of reactor, much less when it comes to cover all of the audio bandwidth. Activation of noise reduction is in fact often paid by an imbalance of the refund.
  4. Active noise reduction requirespower, either by battery (s) battery, integrated into the helmet and who strike his weight. Without even talking about the inconvenience of having to change batteries or recharge the battery.Autonomy varies from 20 to 40 hours depending on helmets.

Despite these criticisms, it would be wrong to think that all the helmets to noise reduction are of poor quality. It would be to insult some tenors of the category, such as the Bose QuietComfort 3 and his cousin the QuietComfort 15, one of the best well that very distinctive musically, or even the surprising Zik By Parrot that proves, at a rate not negligible is true, that we can reconcile audio quality, design and effective insulation attractive.