Here Are Some of The Biggest Successes of Android and Its Mobile

All operating systems, from its inception until his death, go through a process of evolution in which incorporate an enormous amount of features and removed those that are no longer useful or have never been. Such was the case of, for example, the operating system BlackBerry, that after some time be dying, it finally disappeared.

Android, like many others, is still alive and in constant evolution, incorporating new things continually. Some of them are hits so large that they have greatly helped our OS to get to where it is right now. And this is what I would like to address in this post.

I want to put on record, before you start, you won’t tell the difference between hardware and software, as it will not be necessary that has first been incorporated into Android (or terminals). Likewise, I will not continue any order particular and, of course, is a debate that will be open so you think freely, adding if you want some element.

The NFC, that friend who is always there

This small chip carries us much, much time, and I remember when Sony began to popularize this chip on their mobiles(although it was not the first), included it as if gift with cereals. Also along with this they advertised their card, comprising a chip where you could set different tasks (or they were programmed by default, depending on whether it was or not Virgin).

At the time the utility was rather limited, but now, in addition to move files or automate a Setup, you can make payments, pair your phone with another device or perform the initial configuration of your new mobile using the old (if you also have NFC, clear), among many other functions.

It is true that it is not too used, in fact I use it very little, but I’d rather have it there for when you need it, because I will need it. This is a feature that I demand to any smartphone that I’m going to buy, because for me it is that friend who will always be there when you need it.

Fingerprint sensor, increasingly important

Fingerprint sensor became popular relatively recently in smartphones, although Toshiba, several years before, had manufactured a mobile with this sensor. Because it turned out to be a successful measure, began to merge with increasingly more frequency since about 2 years ago (Yes, there were several mobile before, but separated in time).

At the beginning they were somewhat exclusive high-end, but he started, not much later, to go to the middle range. Now it is not difficult to find mobile sensing traces of good quality at an acceptable price. This incorporation has led to an increase in the safety of our phones, so it has become a must for those who want to have their data safe.

We may find them ourselves in the part front, rear, and even in one side, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but have the same goal: that our mobile will not be exposed to any friend of the alien. Now we can do that some applications are safer (thanks also to developers) and even pay for a fast and safe way with your mobile phone.

Stereo speakers for the sound lovers

Long ago our phones were only worth to make and receive calls, counting with the SMS as a secondary measure. With the arrival of the mobile its uses have been extended, being one of the most recurrent uses music. The problem is that if you like to listen to music in your House, have a speaker only not allow you to enjoy all the quality of the sound.

With this in mind, became a so-called terminal HTC One with a generous pair of stereo speakers in the front, the quality of which turned out to be excellent. This gave pause to some manufacturers who made the best is can do in these cases, copy this custom, and I say this as a very good thing (sometimes copying is the best decision can be taken).

Thus, terminals like the Xperia Z2, Z3 or Motorola Moto X 2014, among others, brought about front stereo speakers, each with their own systems so that the sound is better. For those requiring a few front altavonces of its mobile future, was almost in paradise.

Unfortunately, several of them were laid back and in its current terminals do not include stereo altavonces. Which still maintains strong is HTC, which in its 10 HTC has become one of their speakers to the bottom, but keeping the upper speaker function (i.e., It is still stereo speakers). Hopefully recover this feature again for lovers of sound without headphones.

The development of everything that has to do with the root

This is something that, from the met the world of the root (around 5 years ago already), have been following. The nature of Android has made that those developers, who practically geniuses, I think can give a second life to your mobile phone, let us add some feature or get rid of unwanted applications.

Surely you know the Cooked ROMs and modules, and they have probably made your phone again to go well or even better than before. Many of us could tell stories of how our mobile went from being one more to something unique, customized to your own liking, with more performance and lightest of bloatware.

Even if someday this scene goes away (which I see very difficult by luck), you would you them pretty Miss, because all those developers who make Android different iOS and Windows Phone. In addition, some of the features we see today in our mobile they were originating in this kind of developers.

This is so I think that, as long as Android as such, never will disappear the community development of ROMs, modules, etc, because Google might need some of your brilliant ideas to improve our operating system.

Resistance to the water for those who have hands of cloth

Is not the first nor much less, but the fact that the Sony Xperia Z began to popularize this method and giving advertising began to think of other manufacturers that might be something that may appeal to users, and the fact that your phone fall to the sink, take it and keep running as if such a thing is something that will be eased more than one.

This was, for years, the brand identity of the Japanese manufacturer (not to be the first, that it was not, but to include this feature more and more often) and was the main reason for purchase of one of their phones, although a few months ago Sony has already announced that it was not advisable to immerse their smartphones because they risk losing the warranty.

Be that as it may, over time various manufacturers have been incorporating resistance to water to make them a little more rounder, and many users are disappointed if a high range does not include it, although with the price having some of them they would have uncluso that make you breakfast in the morning.

These are some of the features that I found most successful to be incorporated to Android and their phones. Of course, this is open to debate, so I hope that you participants giving your own opinion, adding things to your liking because, who knows, many people could learn something new.