His Explanation Has Price Differences of AINU with The Different Operators

After finishing the exclusivity of the Sony-Ericsson Aino with Movistar, Vodafone and Orange were soon included in their catalogue surely due to its excellent design and nothing despicable characteristics as the 8 megapixel camera or HSDPA connectivity, WiFi and GPS, but what most impressed was the difference in price to the model of Movistar.

Once received the first AINO of Vodafone and Orange users found that some of the original accessories as the bluetooth headset, the basis for charging the battery and the 8GB micro SD not included Unlike the mobile Movistar or which is sold free.

Although the terminal is the same, Vodafone and Orange have not bothered to clarify this point and many customers have felt cheated even though in the case of Vodafone, the operator is selling the Aino version “ Zero ” that tries to justify these absences. It is clear that the operators should clarify which includes each mobile but maybe not a bad idea to sell more limited with lower priced editions where are offered as an option to the customer.