Hollywood Style Swimsuits

Approaching spring is directly proportional to our desire to come faster sea vacation.

The time in which our only problems boil down to whether the inflatable mattress is in line with our bathing suit and how many new drinks to try before embarking on the beach.

For women preparing for those heavenly days goes through frantic search for a swimsuit. Of course, as everything related to fashion, the focus is compliance with personal style.

General between more conservative ladies and daring such that everyone wants more or less to show perfect shapes and fascinating silhouettes.

When it comes to little provocation by Guess certainly know the exact formula to attain it.

Old Hollywood glamor is the main inspiration in trends for swimwear for spring-summer 2016 brand.

The proposals are characterized primarily or top with a lifting effect or boldly cut bikini.

The objectives swimwear line remain open areas in the abdomen, belts emphasizing the waist and even metal chains instead of straps.

On the color palette, the brand focuses on trends in floral prints, denim, plaid black and white fringed animalistic designs, and classic black gold.

All pictures taken on the beaches of Malibu and Hollywood Hills, you can see in our gallery.