Home Decorating Color Combination 2016

We have a few ideas for design and decoration in color model, which show a different look. In these pictures we see a combination of abstract shapes and objects from the outside world, interwoven into the room and brought together in a certain color.

Some models of decoration are refracted through the prism of the modern world and have created a lively and dramatic moods. But more importantly, every space is defined and broadcast personality solutions in interior design.

Design and Decoration in Color Model

Design and decoration in color model can be a daunting task for the inexperienced in interior design. Even if you can not handle a similar way of decorating and home furnishing you think it will be a pleasure to look at the methods they use some of the greatest professionals. In most of the pictures shown will see a skill and aerobatics in a combination of colors, fabrics and furniture patterns in different types of premises. You can accept them as a crash course in the ability to mix fabrics, prints and objects.

These design and decoration in color model that we will see a majority of the photographs would definitely say that in Eclectic style. Talents in the field have submitted all the glamor of this style, refracted through the prism of a lateral view. Although eclecticism is typical with the mixing of several other styles in design, what we saw fascinates us. Imagine a room of country house with interior design, which includes basic subjects of the “golden” times of an elderly couple. Added touch with Chinese chic little elements of Moroccan style and those resembling our booming Indian temperament. Mix all in a certain group of colors and see what masterpiece is received.

The secret of  furnishing and decoration of this room (pictured above) lies in the fact that the support (level of color) used three primary colors (blue, red and yellow). Then added almost all to obtain colors based on this basis. The main colors are used on surfaces and fabrics that are crucial for furniture (wall, sofa, ottoman). Secondary turn accompany textures of less important items and decorative items – pillows, carpet and other small ornaments. We leave you to enjoy the rest of combinations in pictures.