Home Decorating Ideas for Autumn

The advantages of autumn decor is that you can use beautiful materials from nature and do not have to spend a lot of money in order to harmonize with the decor at home this season.

The decoration of retro style is simple to make, the materials are easily accessible and at the same time is very beautiful and suitable for autumn.

It is easiest to collect leaves from the street of your choice and carefully sew them to each other with a needle and thread. He will get a beautiful autumn garland, which can decorate the vault door or to deploy along some shelf.

You can decorate your home with a bouquet of dried leaves. To him, but leaves you need dry grass, twigs, dried peppers chili and artificial sunflowers to arrange in a vase.

Can collect only branches without leaves to arrange in a vase of your choice. Autumn branches can be arranged in a glass container. It is important that only the court that arrange them to be cylindrical, and the branches are shorter than its height.

At the bottom of the container can arrange decorative pebbles, chestnuts and acorns or nuts in shell.

Mass can make a beautiful ring of napkins made from acorns. You only need to gather a few acorns that can string together until it forms a ring. This ring can paste napkins.

If you want truly beautiful decoration for your home, you will need autumn leaves, better glue and a balloon. Inflate the balloon and start on it to glue the leaves. When you cover half the balloon, let the glue dry. Once dry, apply a foliar another layer of glue and wait again.

When the glue dries completely, punctured balloon and you will have a beautiful autumn bowl home.

To decorate the home you can use the typical seasonal fruits and vegetables like grapes, pears, quinces and pumpkin. Fruits can be arranged in a bowl to be put on the table. For the decoration of the table you can use aromatic candles .