Home Decorating Trends for 2015

We look out the window and-we no longer wonder long ago-it rains again to himself. Not the first time on this chilly autumn day, we think and cuddle us more firmly in our ceiling. Well, even if we do not really want to think-but the fall has us firmly in control and in large steps it goes towards Christmas.

But even if it outdoors autumnal cold and rainy, and it appears possible for us as uncomfortable as any-it does not bother us. On the contrary, we look the more we sit comfortably on our sofa, drinking a hot cup of coffee and our Stubentiger we can gently stroking his back.

Because if it is outdoors rainy, cold and uncomfortable, letting us in good time our own home! With comfortable furniture for relaxing, fascinating home accessories, imaginative decor and of course the right, moody light we turn our apartment into a real oasis in which we relaxed welcome the autumn.

 Nature Is My Home

Besides well-known and well-tried Herbstdekostars like chestnuts, pumpkins and rosehip it is even clearer as before this fall 2015: Nature is my home. But do not worry! We do not have to evacuate and in a our beloved four walls Treehouse pull high up in the treetops.

Rather stay woods and fields not just in front of the door, when we speak of a beautiful autumn walk return to our own homes. They come in with and confer with the most diverse, rustic materials, beautiful autumn colors and wood designs our home a fascinating, rustic and yet cozy and cuddly atmosphere, which can radiate us with the most beautiful autumn sun in shining. Check Cancermatters.net for decorative wall stickers.

Please Touch-Materials For Personal Wellbeing Woods!

Coarse, rough and provided with an edge which a very personality radiate while still give warmth and comfort-the shapes and materials have this year’s autumn trends, like the rough nature itself, nature! Simply invite only used to touch and experience their distinctive structure with our senses.

The superstar among materials is and remains the wood. Because what we associate with the forest and nature more than the wood, which meets us at every turn and in his charisma here is so unique and unbeatable rugged charm with cosiness and warmth connects.

Whether as a noble floor, fascinating dining table, as part of a beautiful light * or as home accessories-natural wood, tree trunks or large and small branches have real forest mood in your own four walls arise.

As great addition to wood contact in this mainly rattan autumn and basket into the limelight. As rugged and rough materials, they fit perfectly into the natural environment, and work in conjunction with each smooth surfaces an interesting tension in the room, which nevertheless always lets him remain absolutely stylish and cozy.

Such an exciting material combination possible, for example, very light wood or rattan and absolutely trendy trend Material Copper which the various uniquely warm reds with a cool, smooth surface connects. But, for example, lights in shiny gold, as in the autumn sun falling yellow leaves, in combination with quaint natural materials for a real comfortable feeling in the room.