How Do Yoga Retreats Work

The time of yoga festivals and retreats is unfortunately over almost back. For me it is always a great pleasure to participate in one or another Yoga Festival or Dharma Camp. Total immersion in a subject, without distractions from everyday life in order to gain new experiences and to exchange ideas, I find inspiring and enriching. The solution from everyday life can invite you to open new perspectives to question familiar to let feelings and thoughts free rein and more time to give them himself.

Back in Everyday Life-The Great Disillusionment

Once disembarking to go into the depths of the self, on issues which lie at the heart, in a protected environment. After the inner experience, the new input and the increase in the own energy levels of return and landing in everyday life are sometimes not easy.

Here are 10 Tricks That Can You Ease The Transition:

  • Most preferably, the first 1-take 2 days to arrive, the earth and set up.For a protected environment worry, because your mode is probably very different from that of your fellow man. Go especially careful with you and its external communications to (maybe you have sooo much more energy than any other, maybe you have soooo many new ideas and insights? Balance needs a few days to be stabilizing).
  • Use your increased energy for the new, but finish earlier what you inhibit. Only when we have finished things, we make room for new. Bring a project begun over. Fix what for ages waiting to be repaired. For how can find its place the new practice routine when there still take many other projects started your attention to complete? Stopping and Repair can open new spaces – useful to integrate the lessons learned.
  • Attempts your pace throttled to keep the first week. In fact, in the rest is the power to land really well. Slowing down helps!Maybe you go in the coming days a few journeys on foot rather than take the bike or the bus (so you could the newly learnedwalking meditation try). We often find the opportunity to transform the newly learned techniques in routines of everyday life in the small sequences of everyday life.
  • Arrange a difference: Sort out your closet new space on your desk, including storage or sort the books on the shelf in a new way.Once we organize outdoor things, we do so involuntarily inside and enter the new experience their place.
  • Try the first few days, not too full to prove the appointment calendar and pick aware “blueprints” between the dates.It’s ok, sometimes doing nothing. His and breath-“Just be”. It will get you your strength and concentration on the essentials.
  • Spice adequate exercise, most are regular walks in the countryside.They keep their horizons free, earth and get the energy flow. Walks are great to go through thoughts, experiences and feelings through. This works best if you fixed for 20 minutes verabredest yourself once a week with you for a walk.
  • go to bed in time to have the morning peace and time for yourself.So you can z. B. Sadhana and meditation give much power for the starting day. That’s nothing for you? Then have a go the “morning pages write-” from: Write two to three pages, each morning, and without lifting the pen! But everything can flow out freely what there will flow onto the paper, without judging. Self expression gives self-respect, treat yourself to this start to the day, it will be worth it!
  • Make a week once a week with an honest, experienced, friend / in. Your conversation need not be long, but an appreciative, honest feedback and the exchange of (life) supports experiences, motivated and can strengthen you. Avoid necessarily energy vampires, Drama Kings and -queens and all those who now want to own your energy only for their own benefit. Beware of exploiters and freeloaders. You are right now with your increased energy level a “festive feast” for many!
  • Go for a few days to “Sexy Diet” with sports bra: make a rejection of the pastime by television and the Internet, for a good reading nourishes much deeper.Retreat into the saltwater pool or a short meditation fragrance do well. Or would you rather draw something?Waivers sometimes on background music. It’s nice to look at all levels on what you eat, this includes a varied and healthy diet.Recipe ideas, visit z. B. by Ella (This is not the time for dieting).
  • Get Complete a sensory memory of that time.Making you z. B. a collage of images, symbols and souvenirs to keep the enriching experiences alive inside and out, with your wishes and coming destinations.
  • And perhaps most importantly: In the whole necessarily being in the here and do not forget now, be simple and boldly there and live, live, live!