How to Apply False Eyelashes

Tell the truth, you too are increasingly tempted by the purchase of a pair of false eyelashes, but then more and finished to give up? The scene is always the same: the adocchiamo on the shelves of shops and perfumeries, we turn around, we take a bit ‘of time to evaluate the purchase and in the end we decided to leave them where we found them.

What makes us desist from’ purchase? The fact that our make-up can not be very natural, but above all the fear of not knowing how to apply it the right way.

Indeed may be difficult at first and even after learning we must always be careful to have a satisfactory result, but with a little ‘practice we have the opportunity to show off, even just once in a while, a new weapon of seduction, because not take advantage?

Whether for a special occasion or for everyday life, here are 5 tips of Bridgat to follow to apply false lashes without making mistakes!

Apply False Eyelashes

1 Curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler

With the help of an eyelash curler, round your natural lashes starting from root.

2 Apply mascara on natural lashes

To prevent false eyelashes become dirty, use mascara before applying them: in this way your eyelashes do not ruin, and will last longer.

3 Shorten false eyelashes

Once you have chosen your false eyelashes, place them to the eyelid to check their length. Very often false eyelashes that are on the market are too long and you need to shorten them before proceeding with the application. To do this operation delicate, use small scissors.

4 Spread a thin layer of glue and proceed with the application

After spreading a layer of glue along the line of false eyelashes, let it dry for a few seconds and then apply the lashes along the eyelid with the help of tweezers. Try to get as close as possible to root of the natural lashes and apply gentle pressure using your fingers. Do not worry about any burrs, the glue is easily removed with a little ‘make-up remover.

 5 Use the eyeliner to hide the hairline

To hide the hairline of lashes or any imperfections, roll out a line of eyeliner.

Facile, no?