How to Choose a Chandelier

Romantic and elegant, simple and traditional: the chandeliers are a key element in the decor of our home. Available in different patterns and in various materials, the challenge is to integrate perfectly with the style of the rooms.

How to Choose a Chandelier


If we talk about luxury furniture, chandeliers have always been a glitz icon choice to embellish the residences of kings and queens: a real symbol of prestige spread mainly in glass or crystal. As with all the furniture, even the chandeliers offer a wide choice of different designs and sizes: from one side we find those showy and flashy, while on the other there are those softer and smooth. Of course, the choice will depend essentially on the style of furniture present in your home. Those who think that one of classic furniture style should necessarily match the vintage chandeliers; you’re wrong because the contrast that can be created by mixing different styles can be a pleasant surprise that will make your home unique.


Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, hall, children’s rooms, each room needs of perfect lighting of 5W smart LED bulbs. The chandeliers have very distant roots and traditions over time, up to the present day in which increasingly take on shapes, geometries and different design. With timeless and never invasive, adapt and coordinate perfectly with any environment and style. The proposals of our site to give your home a touch of brightness in addition:

  • Chandeliers shabby chic: stylish, from the white pastel shades and manufactured thanks to years of artisan wisdom, for furnishings that make you fall in love at first sight. Always the model shabby chic is synonymous with originality and expression of a creative spirit in harmony with nature;
  • Vintage chandeliers: a melange between perfect colors and materials of the past centuries and modern design elements. The vintage chandeliers are perfect for anyone who wants to give their home a retro feel and never out of fashion;
  • Chandeliers country: from wood to fabric, through the pickled effect, to create a harmonic atmosphere, with a decidedly non-ordinary style, and precisely for this reason, even more appreciable.

Choose light fixtures that allow you to brighten your living spaces in an alternative way, for a style out of the ordinary!


For such rooms and a chandelier in which position is best suited it would be better to use it? This natural question arises in choosing the piece of furniture that suits our needs. It is very large and impressive so be careful where you place them objects, usually the best choice is the center of the room, is a matter of aesthetics and functionality. The chandeliers are beautiful to look at and integrate seamlessly into any room. We must, however, be careful to keep them clean and free from dust. In fact, to avoid annoying accumulations of dust must take care to clean them constantly: use a wet or damp cloth. If you decide to clean them with a dry cloth, we must clean the single crystals of your chandelier with a catch-dust cloth so be sure to remove any residue.

This method is the most suited to the cleaning of the chandeliers which is made from time to time. The cleaning method with a wet cloth will take away a little more time but it is vital to cleanse properly. With lukewarm water and a little of detergent will be giving you the crystals original brilliance. Once you have done this you can polish with a dry cloth and you will see that your chandelier will not only be clean, but will shine just as if you had just bought! Although cleaning requires care and dedication, you will find at the end you will see that it will be worth it: only by exhibiting a clean and shiny chandelier can wow friends and family.

Light bulbs

Depending of the chandeliers, also vary the light bulbs to be used: a choice not to be underestimated because this piece of furniture must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also must illuminate perfectly the room, whatever it is. In the past the lights of the chandeliers were made of candles but today see objects of this type is very rare. The choice of the influence of light bulbs is the view that the bill: for the kitchen and the bathroom choose clear and strong lights, these are environments where you need to have a perfect view to the bedroom instead suggest more subdued light bulbs to accompany the reading in the evening hours. In any case pay attention to the power because this detail could have important consequences on your household. There is nothing better, now, that rely on LED bulbs: warm light that is cold light, light with the same power incandescent lamps, while consuming less than half.


For some time you need a new chandelier for the bedroom? Be inspired by the daily offerings of our site and discover the ceiling lamp you’ve always dreamed of! Crystal or glass, fabric or steel, from the design modern or classic and impressive: our site knows how important having the right lighting in every room of the house, and for that carefully selects each lamp, table lamps and chandeliers to be put on display in our offers. Prestigious brands, like Artemis, but also niche brands, they can hide “enlightening” surprises.

Be inspired by the proposals of our site and discover the chandeliers that suit your needs.  The choice of materials will of course depend on several factors, chief among them the style and the room in which you choose to place it. We will have, therefore, crystal models, chic and sophisticated, wrought iron, for elegant virtuosity copyright, glass for transparencies and luxurious details, and many others. Every day many furniture and accessories to make your home more beautiful. Love your home!