How to Choose a Color Shirt

Riza.V men’s locker room is not at least a few? The most different, for any occasion, be it a meeting, work, rest and thousands of other mesta.E if it is difficult to choose a shirt color appropriate to the case and the suit here some advice.


1.Classic jacket-genre white shirt and tsvyat. Tozi color creates a sense of solemnity, freshness, chistota. Ot It follows that white shirt-a shirt for special povodi. Razbira, if the charter of the company, which employs one person does not require daily wearing white shirts (eg dress code).

2. another classic and color shirts are light beige and light sinyo.Tezi shades go well with classic business suits and color – gray, black, beige and kafyavo. Vapreki, it is not forbidden to wear blue and beige shirt, for example classic jeans.

3. Stylish black shirt bears the look of men passion and misteriya.Cherno shirt, by the way, in 1946 the Sicilian Mafia declared officially uniform in its organization, and since then a combination of

“white suit jacket + Black” is considered “style of Cosa Nostra.” However, deep black shirt color and perfectly combines with shades of gray suits and leather yaketa.Neshto more just skin can be smooth, matte.

4. Bright blue shirt wonderfully opaque color shades the face and perfectly suited to every color of kostyum. Predimstvoto is that it is less formal than blue, and hence placing its tie optional.

5. Purple shirts are perfectly matched with bright beige suits, blue, bronze color ite. Mazhete with pink skin does not wear purple shirt-this will give your face red “meat” hue.

6. When choosing a shirt is not only important to color and risunkata. Solid shirt most conservative and are ideal for creating front izobrazhenieto. Classics is a narrow strip on the white shirt (incidentally, in this case, color tie will match the color th striped shirt) .Druga version of the classic racing color ki-Cell.

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