How to Choose a Goalie Gloves?

Goalkeeper Gloves are among the amenities integral part of every football goalkeeper. When using goalie gloves does not hurt the fingers and hand. The main things to which you should pay attention when choosing the right size, security features and the type of goalie gloves. That’s not all, another aspect that you should take into account the conditions of use of gloves. Wet, dry or windy weather is needed to choose a different type of goalie gloves.


Size is the most important criterion for the selection of gloves. It is determined by the circumference of the palm without the thumb in cm. How to correctly measure the size of your hand, please see the picture below.


Goalkeeper Gloves can also choose according to use, where you will catch with them, to which they have laid. On natural, artificial grass or hard surfaces you need to choose a different type of glove, designed for a particular type of surface. You also need to choose different gloves for training and the other for the match.

Selection of gloves according to individual requirements

  • Grip in dry – adhesion properties of the foam are crucial for optimal grip and best performance. Climatic conditions affect the performance of the palmar material, due to dry weather requires special foam formulation uses his full potential.
  • Wet grip – rain and humidity affect the ability gloves, so it needs a different material composition. Softer hand with more open pores that absorb water, has been specifically designed for wet conditions.
  • Suspension, Dils material – apart from the grip cushioning faktoram decisive in choosing the right palm. The denser and thicker palm is, the better it can dampen the bounce of the ball. I base material thickness affects the damping characteristics.
  • Abrasion resistance – latex is a very sensitive material that requires careful attention. Frequent contact with the ball causes abrasion palm. Abrasion resistance, which determines the degree of wear depends on surface structure as well as compression of the palmar material. The more robust and coarser latex, the glove is durable for wear

Protective elements

Gloves for goalkeepers contain a large number of protective elements for maximum safety. Therefore, you should take care when choosing what to put on gloves these elements were contained. Gloves have a dampening elements in the instep hand damping material provides higher goalies safety, and especially ball control. Finger protection to prevent a possible broken finger and thumb, possibly as protection already affected parts of the hand. The latest construction gloves are adapted to the shape of your fingertips, thus providing the highest level of safety. Internal design protects your fingers to not break mainly for maximum ball control.

Maintenance gloves

Each glove should be properly maintained to serve you for a long time. On goalie gloves, there are many products, such as. Shampoo goalie gloves with which remove contaminants, improve adhesion of the rubber to grip the side and prevent hardening of the leather side of the glove on backhand. Our recommendation is that you use the shampoo for gloves that will guarantee a longer life and performance of the most protective motorcycle gloves.