How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

How to choose a sleeping bag?

Camping will be somewhere in the Alps, will sleep in an unheated shelter next weekend …. Open cabinet equipment and it appears that you have some sack that is not certain whether they will do the job for the situation. The options are broadly three:
1. Going with him whatever happens.
2. Occupy suitable heard from friends.
3. You decide that you will get a new bag subsequently fall into deep reflection, read out a hundred shows and you do not know what to buy.

The purpose of this article is to save yourself problems and fluctuations if you decide to buy a suitable sleeping bag.

The first thing you should know about the Flannel bag is that they are certified (at least qualitative) European standard EN 13537. This standard means the following:
Upper limit – the temperature at which a standard man can sleep without sweating too. In an open hood and zippers and hands out sack.
Comfort – the temperature at which a standard woman can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed state
Lower limit – the temperature at which a standard man can sleep eight hours in the retinue position without awoken by the cold.
Extrem – the minimum temperature at which a standard woman can stay six hours in the sack without the risk of death by hypothermia (frost are possible).
For the purpose of these measurements is accepted “standard man” is 25 years old, height 1, 73 meters and weighing 73 kilograms, and “standard woman” – 25 years, height 1.60 and weight 60 kg.

These are the figures of written on the flannel sleeping bag. Never be guided by the lowest temperature given to him – extreme. It is there to know at what temperatures would survive in the event of a forced bivouac, do not think that the more clothes will raise dramatically the properties of the sack. Navigate in the numbers given as “Lower Limit” or “limit of comfort” and “comfort” but they do not take the absolute value – every person is different sensitive to cold, but can affect other factors.

Try to choose a sleeping bag so that the temperature at which it will use to fall within the range of comfort or slightly above it. Not all manufacturers indicate the four temperatures, but always at least one of the comfortable present.