How to Choose Chinos

The criteria to be considered in choosing a chino.

Le spring marks the arrival of good weather but also lighter and more comfortable than the eternal jean pants or the heavy flannel pants: chino then appears as a great solution.
However, there are different types of chinos, who are not in the same circumstances.
Through this article, you’re going to first discover the turbulent history of this piece (this is at the start of a military garment) before learning its subtleties and details to observe essential to choose one that will be most suited to your style.

History of chino

A the release of the second world war, U.S. Army had more than 8.3 million soldiers: a beautiful world to dress.The military clothing have accumulated and formed sacred surplus that is being dumped on the American market.
Among them, chino: khaki color and constructed from a cotton twill (with diagonal seams), it has a straight cut sometimes slightly slim.

The teenagers of the era make their uniform: as beige chino became one of the icons of the preppy trend, carried by the students of the Ivy League. It is also practical and comfortable than jeans but dressy.

Chinos date back to 1848: it’s Harry Lumsden, an officer in the British army who decides to adopt, instead of the much less discreet white pants.

They are dyed with the mulberry juice to get a yellowish hue called Khaki, ideal for camouflage.

In the United States, we go gently from the steel blue pants not very discreet in the khaki chino

Other countries are interested, and especially the United States which integrate it into the official uniform of the U.S. Army, in 1902. It is only a matter of time before Levi’s spends a line in 1906 and Brook Brothers in markets in 1942.They come back on the front of the podium from 2010 with the collections of Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney.

Types of chinos

Dyears this part, I’ll show you different types of chinos, and those who are most suited to your body type and your context. To better move from theory to practice, we will study several outfits that concretely show you these differences. Of course, we’re also going to tackle more generally to the colors and cuts: for example what differentiates a chino cowboy of a chino dressy to wear to work

Waisted chinos: chino dressed

High-waisted chinos are perfect to elongate the silhouette, while unfortunately most rare on the market. The Ring Jacket chinos, a high-end Japanese brand are a perfect example, distributed by the eshop The Armoury. They found the perfect compromise: high enough both to precisely extend the legs but low enough to be worn without a jacket (really too high chinos gives the impression of a small torso, to mitigate with a casual Jacket). J.Press is a different brand of preppy American at the beginning of the 20th century, the size is high and cutting further to the thighs. It is one of the most successful traditional cuts, but who will be still easier with a jacket.

Feature: the central fold

Casually, the central fold has a considerable geometric role on the silhouette: the relief created by the fold gives the illusion, seen from the front, there is less material (chino would look wider if it was completely flat).

It’s another story seen from the side where there is indeed surplus materials. Don’t worry, it’s still substantially less.

We can see the central fold of beige chino, which goes well with the rest of the outfit, very formal

The cen fold computer is also reflected in a formal outfit: that’s why it fits perfectly with a blazer. It is a good solution so that a casual chino is doing in a context more business. Is that its color is sober and the jacket is well selected.
This however isn’t a weekend chino: prefer a chino more casual, without central fold.
That’s what we’ll see in the next section.

Casual chinos: accessible through

What are chinos to base that can be found in supermarkets. The finishes are generally less good and the seams are so apparent both inside and outside. Cotton is also less qualitative (where the lowest price), and sometimes received a faded treatment (this is for example the case with J.Crew).

A casual chino worn with a coherent outfit: jacket in jeans and sneakers

One of the best examples is Gap: washed-out treatment is quite good considering the price. The mistake to avoid is to wear them with too formal clothing (shirt in cotton Poplin, blazers, suit jacket), and even integrate them into an office outfit. The wisest thing is to stay on a preppy style with versatile clothing, as an oxford shirt, or more simply the t-shirts, Polo shirts, cardigans and hoodies.

Workwear chinos: the indestructible chino of the pioneers

The style of the workwear chinos is not very different from that of the casual chinos. Only quality Exchange: the cotton twill is more resistant and durable.

The Cup is also sometimes more laid-back and released, particularly at the level of the thighs: do not forget that these chinos are the basis for a manual work and are therefore a real comfort.

A workwear chino is doing with the classic wardrobe from the same register: shirt chambray, flannel cotton tiles or with boots workwear style Red Wing.

You won’t see visually the difference at first compared to a casual chino: everything will be done as the ports where the material will really assert with a wash of quality.
One time happened to a nice wash, avoid a bit too smooth and formal clothing like a cotton Poplin Shirt and prefer a more casual as the oxford weave

Example: Left Field

The brand Left Field is an excellent example of workwear chinos, with cotton including the weight begins to 12 oz, about the same density as a pair of jeans. The wash of a cotton also thick gives a result really interesting, close to the wash of jeans. The relentless of workwear on Superfuture participated in a topic on the wash of their Left Field.Some outfits are really inspiring and others are to be avoided at all costs.