How To Choose The Ideal Glasses Model

At The Time Of The Choice, It Is Necessary To Combine The Model With The Format Of The Face And Also Take Into Account His Personality

How To Choose The Ideal Glasses Model

Whether it is for degree or sun, the glasses have become an accessory that guarantees charm and imposes personality. The ideal glasses have to have the face of the person, and that does not mean just choose a model that matches the shape of the face. To choose well, one must take into account the personality of the person.

Most extroverted people usually like to play with materials, colors. Everything is released and all boldness is allowed. The timid ones prefer the more discreet models. A strong and very extravagant colored glasses can end up bothering and due to lack of use, the eye problem risks becoming worse.

The recommendation for those who need to use the accessory constantly is to have two, three models of different glasses: one for everyday life, another for social events, which may have more personality and an additional charm and also the solar. For day-to-day, prefer the more discreet without forgetting the comfort.

In addition to knowing the shape of the face to choose the ideal model of glasses, it is necessary to observe other details, such as the height of the eyebrows and nose, the shape of the eyes and also the tonality of the skin and hair. The nose is the one who balances the glasses. Therefore, the model chosen should be very comfortable, since glasses that bothers the nose hinders as much as tight shoes.

Those with a slightly larger nose than normal should choose a frame with low bridge (that arch that rests on the nose). The eyebrows should not be hidden by the frame of the glasses, they must always be apparent and the frames should be about three millimeters below them. No hiding them, they are responsible for much of the facial expression.

So important when the frame of the glasses is the lens. High degree of myopia requires thicker lenses, which weighs a bit in the visual. Therefore, when choosing, one must know how to combine all the elements well to ensure harmony. A strong degree glasses should not be too large, for example. Do not forget that it is essential to choose quality lenses.

If dark lenses do not provide the correct protection and do not have adequate filters, they can damage the eyeball. When the sunglasses are used, the clarity decreases and the pupil dilates, thus, there is the possibility of a greater amount of the radiation penetrating the eyes. If the person does not have dark lenses under high clarity, the pupil contracts, thus preventing a large amount of rays from being absorbed.

Unfortunately it is not possible to notice visibly if a sun lens is not of good quality, but the person will soon notice if they are bad. These lenses cause a variety of symptoms such as headaches, motion sickness due to oscillations or raw lenses. Even greater danger in the quality of UV protection, which is imperceptible.

When buying your glasses, remember that although there are well-known brands, not always the most expensive are the best. It is silly to buy glasses because of the brand, you should not adapt to a brand’s glasses because it is beautiful and rather the glasses that should adapt to your face, follow your style and provide the protection needed.