How to Choose the Right Wristwatches

L ‘wrist watch is an essential accessory for the man of class.Whatever your preferences, your style, your needs, you can not not wear a wristwatch: in spite of the time with the advent of mobile phones has been a fall in the use of the watches, nothing can replace a practical watch in its functionality, in its simplicity and in its elegance and aesthetics.

Also the wristwatch, in recent times, has a new rival with regard to the style of man: the ‘pocket watch called by Vaultedwatches. So let’s see how to choose a watch to show off with pride.

Choose a wristwatch that meets your needs, it is often a ‘difficult task: better a sports watch, a class or better to focus on comfort? The watch movement must be mechanical, automatic or quartz? And yet, it is more elegant or stylish metal strap, one in leather or rubber? What’s more, even the choice of brand can be a complex task: better an innovative Seiko wristwatch, a classic wristwatch Invicta or a fine watch by Citizen wrist?

To help you in this choice in an incredibly vast and diverse world like wristwatches, we try to give you some helpful tips.


The movement is a very important component to consider when you want tochoose their own wristwatch. It is the key part of a clock: it has an unreliable movement, will not mark the time properly, making unnecessary the clock.

There are three types of movement: mechanical, quartz and automatic. The first is the type of classic movement, typical of the craft of yesteryear watches. Exploits a manual power to maintain the time, although it may worsen its accuracy with the passage of time.

The quartz movement, however, is the most accurate and the most widely used in modern products and uses only one battery from the considerable duration. Finally, the self-winding movement uses the movements of the wrist to operate the mechanical core and keep time, although, in the absence of movement, the term is somewhat reduced.

Is then up to you to choose if you prefer to enjoy the latest technology and provides the best performance, then we recommend the quartz wrist watch models. If you prefer the handmade quality and refinement of the work of master watchmakers, then orientatevi undoubtedly on automatic models.


The watch is worn on the right wrist or the left wrist? The eternal dilemma of wristwatches holders is easily solved: the wristwatch moves to the left, especially since, being the majority of right-handed people, wear it on the hand that you use the most can be annoying in the actions of daily life, as well as to risk ruining it and scratch it.

If you want to rebel against the dictates of the mass and distinguish yourself, or simply for convenience, then bring me freely on the right wrist: there is in fact no specific rule on the matter.