How to Decorate a Pumpkin with Glitter

Not Halloween without traditional decorative pumpkin Jack O ‘Lantern! We present you a different way to decorate the symbolic lantern October. For a sequined pumpkin, follow our step tutorial…

Want a fun Halloween decor and accessible to younger? It’s time to decorate your pumpkin with glitter.

The equipment to be used

-A real pumpkin
-A glue-polish, easy to find in any DIY store or hobby. Available in gloss or satin.
-An empty pot

1. Preparation phase

– Please have a pumpkin, smooth preferable for it to be easy to cut.
– Make sure the pumpkin does not roll in to ask
– if necessary Clean the pumpkin
– Protect the table with a tablecloth

2. Steps to decorate a pumpkin

Step 1: Carefully pour inside the pot glue-varnish.

Step 2: With the brush, comb gently Halloween pumpkin with glue-varnish.
Note: This step is very important for the adhesion of glitter on the pumpkin. You really put glue everywhere.

Step 3: Stick the sequins on the pumpkin.
Note: For the surface is equal everywhere, remove excess flakes by tapping the tail of the pumpkin

Step 4: Once the covered pumpkin, wait 1 hour until the flakes are attached properly.

Step 5: After an hour, your pumpkin is ready. You can place it on a desk, table, decorated the TOP!