How to Fish for Catfish

Among the fishermen, many are fish areas to fish. One of them is called “torpedo” because for its strength and resistance to the efforts of fishermen is very difficult to catch. Its name comes from the fact that his body is stretched and it might seem, for a first visual impact with the animal, a cross between a catfish and eel. The fish is currently very popular especially in the lower Po Valley. In this guide we aim to give some useful advice to fishermen novelli and not only for this particular animal.

Be sure to have on hand:

Fishing rod on 3-4 meters

Live bait or artificial

Let’s start first with the proper equipment: being the fish definitely sturdy and heavy material used must be suitable; the advice is therefore to take a fishing rod fishing volumes about three to four meters, shorter than the fishing from boat, equipped with a nice reel that can accommodate at least 200 meters of wire preferably 0.50.

We review now the decoys that might be better suited to fishing for fish”torpedo”. If we take into account those live eel is surely the greatest imaginable; bream, trout and chub can go just as well. If we speak of lures should be preferably taken into account the minnow got bottom by at least 13 centimeters, or waving on sturdy 20 grams. There is no question that our fishing, with the “live”, it will certainly better for to replace fishing rod rings.

Let’s now some news on the “lifestyle” of catfish that may be useful to understand the modalities best suited to fishing. The catfish love stand on the seabed, often into holes that form naturally due to current; at night instead heads to lower water and close to the shore to search for prey. This could be the day more conducive to fishing. The best fishing period during the year is central in the five months of the year. One last note on the resistance to fishing for catfish. Things to be careful when he bites because the catfish is a wrestler and even when it may seem exhausted reacts to the end.

Once captured and immobilised, the wels catfish can be cooked and eaten in many ways, although its use in the kitchen–for reasons almost exclusively still culture-is not widespread in Italy. The fish can be cooked in more traditional ways, like in pieces, to cuts, slices, or it can be used in most recipes light and delicate to give an elegant touch of taste to our courses.