How to Fish with Lures

Fishing is certainly a beautiful and relaxing pastime, but to practice it with a little good professionalism is important to know the facets and features of this particular sport. Fishery in the art can distinguish two types of baits. The first are the natural bait, the tiny worms live that attract fish hook fishing rod, but contrary to what you might think they are not the most used bait by fishermen or the fishing enthusiasts. The most used baits are, in fact, those of the second type, namely the artificial bait. Here is a small but useful guide to learn about this type of bait and to find out how to fish with artificial baits.

The lures are of particular fishing lures the curious form of small colorful fish. In shops specializing in tools and accessories to fish you can buy, for a variety of prices, and many different types of artificial leaves, depending on the size, the colors and materials of which these particular baits are made. Typically, the average size of artificial bait for fishing from 5 to 25 mm in length.

The artificial baits must be linked with force to the fishing line before being launched into the water to then be retrieved to speed variation by means of small strokes, upward and downward, which will give to artificial baits a more fluid movement inside the water.

The lures have, then, at the head of the small fake fish, it galvanized a sharp hook. For this reason, unlike the natural bait, be smart, in time during the lures, not to bring them closer to the bottom too, if you are fishing in a lake or a river, so that the hook ends up buried or joints to the bottom.

This is why it lures the most suitable bait for offshore fishing, because the galvanized steel hook is particularly resistant to sea salt. The choice of lures must be done carefully, and even the colors are decisive for the type of fishing you do. For example, the artificial bait in the form of small fish are preferred in cold colors, like gray, silver or blue, if you want to catch mullet, animals that feed on small fish of these colors. Instead the color best suited to the fishing of sea bass is to the lures dark tip, red or orange. The best bait for freshwater fish How to fish with a spinning bluefish How catch freshwater fish as the mackerel fishing.