How to Maintain Jewelry

The proper care of jewelry is very important. Only who pays attention to a few basic things you will have long enjoyment of its treasures.

How to Maintain Jewelry

It is important that you put off your jewelry before showering and bathing, because otherwise he is Matt fast, oxidized or loses its color. Especially swimming in chlorine and salt water is very harmful for your jewelry. Gemstones and pearls can even be destroyed.

Jewelry is often sensitive with suntan lotion, deodorants, perfume and Hairspray, as these oils and solvents contain. As a result, also bonded stones can fall out. Therefore, the jewelry most definitely only applying to the styling. Even sweat can run silver, jewelry is oxidized so in every person very different how quickly or slowly it. Because pearl jewelry is particularly sensitive: Pearl Jewelry must protect from grease and oil.

You best keep your jewelry in the jewelry box or jewelry cases. So, everything is always nicely sorted and protected. Go also before going to sleep should decrease to delicate jewellery.

You best clean jewelry with cloth. These are available for little money in every jewellery trade action.

You can be closed simply airtight silver jewellery like fast running in a use clear plastic bags as long as you don’t wear it.

It is always a pity if looks the favorite jewelry, so hanging on, at some point not more beautiful. So – always pretty maintain and the tips in mind, then nothing can your jewellery to happen! How to maintain your jewels? Do you have any special tips and tricks?