How to Make A Bed Look Nice

Simply put a bedspread is a big textile bedspread, which serves to cover the bed during the day. This cover protects the actual linen from dust, has a decorative character and warm even on cold winter nights addition to quilt. What bedspreads different from other blankets, their format in the first place because a bedspread must always be greater than the actual duvet.Meaning of bed overshot it is in fact, completely encase the bed and “disappear” in a sense to leave. So the bed is replaced by a harmonious character and integrates better into the overall atmosphere of the room. Bedspreads are also suitable particularly well as a sofa-union or for combined living and sleeping rooms where the bed is to be used during the day as a seat.

Bedspreads Made of Various Materials

Of course, a ceiling should always be gentle on the skin, warming and yet still make a decorative impression. These effects can be achieved but with different materials, which also all have different advantages and disadvantages. Outstanding value and therefore are popularbedspreads Fleece . The material fleece is however mostly made ​​of polyester and is obtained inter alia from recycled plastic bottles. Who likes it rather natural, therefore, is more concerned with cotton bedspreads or those made ​​of real wool. Cotton is cool in summer, in winter it warms. It is often available in a variety of patterns and prints, so that they as a bedspread offers diverse design possibilities. Those who like classic and quality like a bedspread real wool should indulge. Sheep wool blankets, cuddly merino wool, high quality camel hair or of precious cashmere are incomparably warm and fluffy, but you should here thewashing instructions followed exactly in order to experience any unpleasant surprises.Woolen blankets can incidentally also be purchased in a variety of processing forms. They are available in woven form, but also felted, knitted or crocheted.

The Queen of Bedspreads: The Patchworkdecke

The quilt is a very special bedspread and in England and America it is often passed testamentary within the family. For a quilt is like a work of art that requires many hours of work and the material costs can be quite high. Originally, the patchwork technique was a form of recycling and was imported by the crusaders from the Orient to Europe. It was by this technique possible threadbare clothing that becomes in the disassemble more suitable fabric scraps and re-use because Patchwork means something like “patchwork”. For many small patches a major new blanket is made, often composed with a decorative pattern, made ​​up of many small patterns. To reinforce the bedspread she is sewn to a fabric layer as a middle insulating layer and a bottom made ​​of plain fabric. For these three panels adhere stably to each other, the finished ceiling is still quilted what constitutes the typical character. A genuine, handmade quilt has its price, but is also a lifetime investment that gives each bedroom an incomparably romantic and nostalgic look.

Creatively the Bedroom With Bedspreads

A bedspread has the property, the bedroom with a single handle one to give completely new atmosphere. Since bedspreads are imaginable styles and designs offered in all, can be found for each bedroom the right model. Bedspreads with geometric patterns in retro-look effect stylish, models with wide stripes in fresh colors bring life into the room and bedspreads with floral patterns or classical ornaments as paisley patterns spread romance and the popular country style perfectly adapt. Monochrome bedspreads suggest otherwise by the action of the substance, such as matt shimmering silk or through their weave, as with coarse wool, a very decorative language and can otherwise seem more playful furnished rooms harmonious. For a more objective means style , a bedspread with creative patterns break up the atmosphere and let act more habitable space.

A Short History of Bedspread

People have always searched for creative solutions to keep in sleep warm, but also to beautify their living space artfully. What started with skins and furs, continued with the first textile processing, when people settled down, cultivated flax and kept sheep. Nevertheless bedspreads were purely for decorative purposes for a long time the upper class reserved. Who today visited castles, often marvels at the ornately carved canopy beds and bedspread, but this luxury was reserved exclusively to the home side in the bedroom. With the onset of industrialization in the 19th century was the textile processing fundamentally revolutionized and decorative bedspreads were affordable for the masses. At the same time brought emigrants from the English-speaking world, the patchwork technique to America, where she experienced a boom that continues today.

Meanwhile, following the American example, in Europe handmade patchwork quilts shown in museums and exhibitions. When, after the Second World War, the living space was scarce in Germany, the bedspreads experienced a new renaissance because in multifunctional room apartments the bed was converted during the day with the decorative cover to the couch.Since then, the bedspread is an integral part of our living culture and will remain so for a long time because of their many good qualities.