How to Make Mini Buns Hair

The classic bun is already dead! The celebrities have launched the trend of mini bun. Try our tips to make the perfect one depending on the length and type of your hair.
Few hairstyles can be pretty and practical as one curled bun on the head. You want, however, to change your usual bun? Try half a bun. The celebrities have opened the tendency and the result is so perfect as to be also suitable for a red carpet. The means chignon you can do with every type of hair and also with any type of length. Do not try that remains with our suggestions.

Find your mini bun according to hair length

  1. If you have long hair

Separates the upper part of your hair from the bottom, secure it by a tight ponytail. If you want to make it seem like your most voluminous hairstyle, pull the hair on top of head. At this point you take the tail and spin it around the elastic attached to the head (to give your vehicle a full chignon finish). Finally fixed your new bun with hairpins.

  1. If you have short hair

If you’ve just decided to give in to the temptation of the lob, make a half-chignon is an enterprise more difficult. But not impossible! Separate the hair into two parts along a line that ideally combines the two temples. Use the portion of hair that goes from this line up to the front to make a high ponytail. After ensures your hair with a rubber band and divide the ponytail into small sections to fold down to go to cover the rubber band. Now you’ve created your mini bun.

Create a mini bun according to your hair type

  1. If you have thin hair

If you do not have a lot of hair, take a small chignon seems impossible, especially if you want to be a hairstyle that volumizes. Curls divided hair into small sections and keep the curling iron horizontally to make the soft waves. Get a spray on the roots and distribute pulling your hair back with the help of a comb. At this point take the hair section that starts from the front and build the perfect micro chignon.

  1. If you have thick, wavy hair

Parts from the temples to divide the hair into two parts (since you have thick hair, split along a line that runs from ear to ear will make your vehicle even more voluminous chignon, remember). Roll up your hair on themselves and fix the middle bun on top of his head with a rubber band so that it maintains its position. Finally, the strands coming out of the system means chignon to fix it.

  1. If you have thick hair, curly and you want half chignon close to the head

Divide the hair along a line connecting the two temples, pulls her hair in a ponytail, twist the hair on themselves and then around the base following the elastic. Finally fixed with the hairpins and another elastic.

  1. If you have thick hair, curly and you want a medium soft chignon

Use your thumbs to collect hair from ear to ear, pulling her hair on top of the head, then twist the hair on themselves and fix them with clips instead of rubber bands.

  1. If you have straight hair that are struggling to stay in place

Distribute a product for the texture over the hair so that they have better grip. In this way you will prevent the hair from slipping and be able to hold them in place. Create a bun pulling your hair twice and then a third time in half. So let the tips out to give the look an “edgy” look. For a complete finishing, furling a strand along the base to hide the elastic.

Clever tips and tricks of the trade to make a perfect mini bun:

  1. Twisting the hair for a casual yet sophisticated look

If you want a bun with a move to the center, separates the hair at the temples and take the part that goes from the line to the front to create your middle bun (yes, resembling a mohawk). For a sandwich with an elegant touch, use your thumbs to lock the strands leaving one ear and reaching the other.

  1. Play to position differently your mini bun

For a messier look, try to place your small “donut” on top of the head. This way your hairstyle will be casual, nice, but, above all, suitable for a casual look and sophisticated at the same time.

  1. Use the extension if you want half voluminous chignon

Having wrapped her hair in a bun, recovers some extension and place it around the base of the bun. So also rotates the extension and creates a means more voluminous chignon. Fixed everything with the clasps.

  1. Cover imperfections

Use a powder with a brush to cover the parts of the scalp that remain uncovered.

The mini bun you’ll love …

  1. If you want a mini elegant chignon

If the tips of your hair is straight and fall to lead, make a ponytail on top of the head and divide it into sections to curl with a hot iron. Leave the rest of your hair smoother. At this point wrap around the base of the ponytail the strands curled. This will prevent the chignon mini has the tips that shoot out.

  1. If you want a bun from the messy twist

After pulling her hair in a pony tail, he pulls back his hair with another round of elastic. Then do a second time, but only half pulls hair. Finally wrap the strap around the hairstyle. It will be hard to ruin a mini messy chignon. If it does not come out right the first time, do not worry: do not pull it too and attach it only when he purchased the shape you want.

  1. Try the mini braided chignon

Collect hair along an imaginary line that runs from ear to ear and make a ponytail. Pinch the hair to gently cotonarle and give extra volume to your braid. Divide the tail into two parts horizontally: it begins to make a herringbone braid at the bottom. Fix it with a rubber band and wrap it around the base. Now fix it with a bobby pin. The game is done!

  1. Give your hair a more voluminous appearance

Create a medium soft chignon. After collecting the hair along a line that runs from ear to ear, it creates a ponytail and divide in half. Twist the strands and wrap them along the base by moving in opposite directions. Eventually it fixed the two strands cha created the mini bun.

  1. Twisting your hair in a mini bun down to a more elegant look

Divide the hair into two parts and let the bottom fall smooth. Twists tight mini bun, place it in the neck, and attach it with a nice clip decoration.