How to Match Earrings with an Outfit


How to Match Earrings with an Outfit

If you are fond of earrings like myself, can’t forget about when designed an outfit. That’s an important evening or to go to work, you can have the earrings to brighten your face and make your special outfit and attentive to detail. But beware, not all of the earrings are chosen correctly. There are in fact kind of earrings to suit a particular outfit and clash with another. How to choose? Simple, by following this guide! Today we will see in fact 5 earrings suitable for 5 outfit.

Outfit for an elegant evening

When you dress for a big night, usually choosing a dark suit (almost always black). In recent years are going very fashionable long dresses, satin or lace. The long dresses, however, are very challenging. For this reason, as far as the accessories you choose to combine a sober clutch and jewelry often almost invisible to avoid appearing too large. For this type of outfit, the best earrings are small silver or white gold pendants. In addition, the final gem, gives a touch of elegance to the outfit that never hurts.

Outfit for a day at the beach

I totally agree about who says that when you are at sea do not wear any kind of accessory. I am equally agree though, that a simple pair of earrings and almost invisible can make us feel stylish even on the beach.

Outfit for an aperitif

The drink, which is by the sea or in the center, is always a time of day when we women like to wear amazing outfits and accessories. For this reason, here you can really play with your imagination and choose a pair of earrings through

Outfit for an evening of dancing

The nightclub is the place of transgressions, where you can dress how you want. For this reason, when you enter a nightclub is pretty much everything. There is therefore a type of earrings “perfect” for the outfit. I personally, when I go to the disco, I love the beautiful too showy earrings. To these, take a simple yet elegant outfit like a little black dress and high-heeled shoes that reflect the brilliant earrings. This type of circles, are very comfortable with her hair for example with a bun.

Outfit for work

The earrings are an accessory that may not always be present when you go to work. Obviously, you have to be very careful not to overdo it. If you choose for a classic suit, for example, the perfect earrings and in keeping with the style of the outfit are these cute and simple white pearls.