How To Remove Malware From Your Android In Seconds

For some time, the use of smartphones is growing very fast. Now it is much easier for new generations to get a smartphone and give it a daily use.

This results in the creation of a large amount of virus for Android by hackers, which puts our data at risk and can become really annoying.

We’ve already helped you know how to fight viruses on Android without antivirus . Today we will teach you how to remove malware from your phone once it has become infected.

How To Tell If Your Device Is Infected

When a virus has sneaked into your Android, you can quickly notice it. The most common thing is that you start to get publicity in your notification bar, being affected the consumption of the battery in a quite remarkable way. The worst part comes when your phone gets a stronger virus; One that blocks your terminal and where you are usually asked to pay to get out and things of the same caliber.

Today we are going to teach you how to remove malware and enjoy your phone in a more secure way.

How To Remove A Virus

The first thing we have to do is start our mobile in safe mode. For most of them just hit the physical power button. Once pressed it will open a menu in which you will have to leave pressed in to turn off and you will come out something like this:

If this does not work for you, you can try to turn on your terminal at the same time that you press the volume down key. After this we can turn on our Android without any third party application is working, including the virus. When we have this active mode we can check it in the lower left corner, where there will be some badge saying that it has been put correctly.

The second step is to open settings and go to the application manager. Once there we have to delete the apps that we consider suspicious, that is to say, files that we have installed lately and that we can think that await inside malware, as they can be the apk downloaded outside of Google Play.

To identify them, just think about what we have installed on our smartphone recently and from where.When we detect the malicious software we will simply have to uninstall it.

In case we can not, we will have to exit the application manager and go to the security section. There we will have a section called applications with access to use; We only have to remove these access to the virus and we can remove it from the menu we were previously.

Viruses on Android are not very common, but most users are exposed to them. It is necessary to have enough precaution, since nowadays we have our whole life collected in a smartphone and it is not the first time that thanks to malicious software we have left to light our most important data.

What do you think this way to remove malware from your phone? Have you been useful?, Do not hesitate to tell us if it has served you and you have managed to leave your mobile as new with this technique.

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