How to Sew a Sofa Pillow

Many of us want to decorate your apartment, to make it very cute and cozy, original and perky. Such that it is different from the others. To make the home hearth notes of originality and extraordinary can sew different cushions.Their creation will bring you only pleasure and will not take much time.


You will need:

– Fabric
– buttons or zipper
– sintepon
– Sewing Supplies

1. For filling, use the decorative pillows sintepon. This filler is light and at the same time elastic, which will retain the shape of the product for a long time. Or take an old pillow, for which a new sew pillowcase. To do this, take a pillow, measure its dimensions and create the pattern. Necessarily need to add 1-1.5 cm on allowances and process the edge of the fabric on the machine or by hand, so they do not crumble.
2. Pillowcases for pillows must be made removable. On the one hand practical, so you can wash a pillow if necessary. On the other hand, at any time, you can easily replace it in mood or in connection with the change of the year.
3. Choose different shapes for pillows. If you love classical music, then make them rectangular (square) shape. Such articles may be a circular shape, flower-shaped, lips. For added convenience, you can sew a cushion in the form of a roller. It all depends on your inspiration, imagination and from tissues that you have.
4. Decide on the shape and size of pillows. 2 carve out the details, do seam allowances 1-1,5sm. Fold the pieces of the face inward. Three sides of the workpiece sew in full, and on the fourth, leave an opening for stuffing or Sew this side zip (buttons). Remove. Now you can fill your creation or insert harvested pillow.
5. Create a cushion of tissue residues can be in the style of “patchwork”, you can tie the pillowcase on the pillow to sew all kinds of buttons, beads, ribbons, canvas, cord. In addition to the embroidery back fashion.
6. Sew a pillow edge or straps, and then it will be multi-functional. You can sleep in it sweet or use a pillow for the back of the chair. This item would make a note of village life into your interior.