How to Wear Retro Dress?

Every season at least one model of retro clothes is high. The pieces that give a touch more special to your look and even being considered “old”, they remain super trendy. Especially during the summer they reappear and worth always meet new tips on how to use them. Here are some ways to use retro dresses and different the times.

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Delicacy and Romanticism

If what you want is to spend a more romantic and delicate image in your visual bet on retro dresses without fear. They value every curve of your body for this fall as well in most women. Although they have different indentations, they have no appeal to sensuality, so should be used in occasions that call for a more elaborate production, but without exaggeration.

The retro tubes are indicated more for thinner women because the cut mark very silhouette and the most plump can harm the appearance, especially in the hip area. Also, they are preferably with small breasts because as they are not low-cut, will increase this area of your body.

How to Wear Retro Dress

Flared Models

The chubby need not worry because they can also enjoy the retro dresses to go out beautiful for your events. In this case should prefer models Flared type and skirt cut A. They disguise excess flab, especially in the belly area and fall perfectly on the most cuddly bodies. You will surely look beautiful in these models!

Retro Prints Dresses 

The retro clothes are mostly stamped, as this type of design was very common in past years and gave a more special joy to the feminine look.

The most common pattern is the plaid and floral, being used for any model, always falling very well. Pay attention only to the size and colors to favor his little body.

The more plump women, for example, should give preference to prints with dark background, because they lose weight and fit better in their bodies. As for the incredibly low should avoid prints horizontally because they give a flat in silhouette. The rule of prints always follows the conventional, do not forget!

Retro Shoes

Retro fashion refers the idea of models that were in high 40s to s 60 then you should also follow this same line to keep beautiful and with a harmonious look. The best combination will be the peep toes and shoes with rounded front, like “doll face.” Avoid rasteirinhas and if you do not like higher jumps, use the most shorties and thick.

Vintage Look

If the occasion requires a totally retro look, you can also increase the accessories that need to be bigger and stronger colors. Remember to always follow the tone of the dresses, because at that time everything should match perfectly. The makeup also follows the same line, lipsticks being in vivid and light shades or the reverse to match.