Inspiration: Ideas For Small Kitchens

It is very common that the houses are measured to the millimeter and that we can not have all that space with which we dream. The use and decoration of small houses are even more laborious, the rooms usually have meters counted and we miss the place to place everything. This lack of space is especially noticeable in kitchens, where however minimal we are, we always have a lot of utensils to keep and thousands of ideas to decorate.

If your kitchen is small and you do not have all the space you would like, do not despair, with a little imagination you can get the most out of it. Here franciscogardening provides some ideas with which you can make your kitchen seem more spacious and better used.

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Ideas to take advantage of and decorate small kitchens

The Importance of Colors

It is very important that you do not choose colors that are too bright or too dark for your kitchen.Remember that the light colors help to make the stay look bigger. If you want to include some stamping on the curtains, for example, we recommend that you opt for a discreet one.

Always natural light

A bright kitchen will always seem bigger, try to get as much natural light as possible. To do this, make sure that the window panes are not opaque, that they let the light through. If you do not have any spot of natural light studying how to get it, building a porthole can help you without having to do a great makeover.

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Less is more

As for the decorative accessories opts for the simple thing: figures of straight lines, pictures with frameworks of thin reed, clocks with narrow molding, etc. Try not to overload the space. In the case of small kitchens the expression “less is more” takes on all its meaning.

Folding Tables and Chairs

Having a small kitchen is no reason why you should not have your own space for breakfast or lunch. There are folding tables and chairs that occupy very little and that you can pick up when you are not using them.

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The measure

Although they are somewhat more expensive, the furniture to measure will help you that no corner in your kitchen is dead. Take your time and plan how you want your kitchen to be. With a little imagination you will find a perfect solution for each space.

To the dining room

The kitchens connected with the dining rooms or the halls are very fashionable and can be a good option to make them appear larger. This solution requires a small work but the results are spectacular.

Furniture to the roof

Placing kitchen furniture up to the ceiling is a great option to take full advantage of storage space. You can book the lowest parts for the things you need to have more at hand and the higher areas for what you do not usually use.

Keep these little tips in mind when furnishing and decorating your kitchen and you will ensure that the space looks bigger. Small kitchens are also nice!

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