Jacket UFO Ranger: Renewal Endurera

The Italian firm has improved his jacket off road for this season with new colors and all kinds of details to make easier the outputs endureras and with your usual quality for use in competition.

The new Ranger is made of 100% nylon, with appliques of Spandex material in the area of elbows and back for increased flexibility. Account with many pockets so that you do not lack anything in your endureras routes. In the front are four, one of them water-proof, very appropriate to carry the protected documentation. Inland we have another pocket with zipper zipper, while the back has two individual pockets and one large with those who carry hand everything you need. Another detail that is missing is the transparent pocket on sleeve.

In addition, it is compatible with the use of camel-back, since it has a practical special in the front hole to fix the cannula. There are different ergonomic adjustments: wrists, elbows, waist and neck have adjustments by velcro, all of them with a few handles of silicone tips to handle them with gloves. In addition, the front placket is set in brackets and is divided into two parts to adapt to different weather conditions.

For times of more heat, the two front air intakes and rear opening allows better air flow and a higher transpiration. If temperatures continue to rise, you will also have the possibility of removing the sleeves with zippers that secure them and keep them in the back pocket. Finally, just it we will have to choose between the four colors of the collection (black/grey, red/black, orange/black or blue/black) and size, between the M and XXL. Its price is 201,90 euros VAT included and you can get it at Vicma, its official importer for Spain. On its website and in 968 424 752 phone you can find detailed information about this product.