Kickstarter Reaches the Mark of 1 Billion Dollars Invested

The site of crowd funding most famous in the world today achieved a milestone: its first billion dollars – not on profits but visitors from investment in the site, more precisely 5.7 million people.

To celebrate the feat, the Kickstarter launched an infographic that brings some interesting facts about it.

The most impressive of them shows the site’s growth last year. The Kickstarter is in the air since 2009, but more than half of the first billion dollars coming from backers – that is, over half a million – was obtained in the last 12 months.

One of those days was the most successful of all: March 13, 2013, when more than $ 4 million was invested in 1,985 projects by 54.1876 people. On the date of its release, April 28, 2009, $ 1,804 was invested in 7 projects for 40 people, a very impressive mark for the inauguration of the site.

Despite a billion dollars have been invested in projects on the site, much of this money was allocated to projects that died on the beach. Therefore, “only” 859 million was actually delivered.

The GameSpot has more data: the site says that the category that received money was the Games, with 215 million dollars invested (of these, 189 million were received by their creators; the rest are campaigns that have not been successful). It is also the fourth most difficult category emplacar: 35% of projects are financed. Behind come Technology, with 34.79%, Editorial, with 32.29% and Fashion, with 29.3%.

The infographic also features numbers by country (in Brazil, more than 21,000 backers), some prominent investors and other data, including what you can buy with $ 1 billion. To take a look, click here.