Know Happier, the Social Network for Those Who are Not Afraid to be Happy

Everyone has had that discussion as we only share happy moments in social networks to cause envy among friends, right? But not every moment of joy to be envied, not even understood by others. You just want to say you’re happy and point without some idiot come comment “no one asked” in your status.

It is to house these moments that Happier was created.

Giving a paced the site, you can see the proposal in practice effortlessly. In my home screen appeared soon face a picture of the ocean with the caption “I went to the beach with my best friend,” a pencil that had just been made and other times of the day to day look silly, like “I listening to my daughters read “or” going to sleep at the right time. ”

Are the kinds of things that make you happy, but you would not post on Facebook because … why? You can not say right, but it seems that there are rules which may or may not be posted there. As the CEO of Happier, Nataly Kogan told The New York Times, it is as if it were forbidden to say on FB that it took five minutes for breakfast today because I was enjoying; there, you just talk that took the best latte in the world. It has a sense of competition that does not exist in Happier.

The look resembles that of Pinterest, with boxes containing the posts of others. Possible interactions are “smile” (similar to FB Like) and comment. It may not make negative posts.

To say that participates in a social network for everything gives an air of oversharing organized, right? But I really liked the Happier! As it is said when you make your registration on the site, studies show that people who write three positive things per day are happier, healthier and less stressed. And with so much complaint we see all the time on Twitter, it’s a relief to see a wall of good things sometimes.

The Happier is in the air since February. Until now, about 100 thousand users already posted more than a million times happy. In addition to the web version, there is an application for iPhone and soon also come to Android.

The network was presented at Brainstorm Tech conference Fortune in a contest to get investors. Despite not having taken the prize, the jury was able to praise. One of them was Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, which considered the promising idea. Come shopping around?