Lanterns And Beacons Led To The Garden

We’re almost on holiday, and those lucky ones who have a garden can garnish with lanterns or beacons led night.

There are many models of lanterns, what they all have in common is than at the top with a small solar panel during the day recharge a rechargeable battery that will be responsible for feeding led will light for the car.

The advantage they have is that we get points of light in the garden without having to do any type of electrical installation.

They can be purchased at half a dozen boxes for 15 or €20

Or loose as the next mark of the Leroy Merlin for €2 (which is also available in various colors of light: red, blue, green, etc.)

Also there are different shapes to decorate the garden more. The following is a dog that endures a bluff which is where the led (the heating plate is on the back of the dog).

Also there are in the form of stone. This one has 4 leds and gives enough more light than others, but hard on much less time than a single led marks.

And also there are similar to the previous but with its upside down and to attach to the wall and light down the ground.

After a couple of years to stop working or ever lasts less time the light on at night, but not usually because we have broken, but because the rechargeable battery that carry inside already does not charge more (have a finite number of refills).

To make them to return to work only we have to buy new batteries and replace them, the cheapest I’ve found are in, departing 4 batteries for less than €4, but we must arm themselves with patience to wait for the almost 2 months that they can take to get us home, but we can find them here for 14-€15.

I just hope that does not pass an inspector by House and make me pay “taxes in the Sun” by having these solar panels; >