Latest Update of Dark Souls III

BANDAI NAMCO entertainment and from software is expected to publish the third part of the award-winning dark soul’s series for PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox one on the 12.04.16. Fans can look forward to new mysterious stories, dark and frightening. Now, the intro sequence of the game was presented.

Dark souls III

The intro sequence, which strongly reminiscent of the opening scene from “LOTR”, invites viewers to the mystical journey through Lothric. Fans get first insight into history and into the new fearsome characters the player will meet during his trip. The video captivates by its magical and sinister atmosphere and promises many new gritty game experiences. Dark souls III takes the player on a dark and apocalyptic adventure the last secrets of the unique universe, created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, from software and BANDAI NAMCO entertainment, to unravel. Click here for the video:

Dark souls III has new weapon skills, including the “ready stance”, in which to perform special attacks for more damage. Also, the character creation are been extended by additional options, to make it possible to more complex specializations. Background information is supplied by activation of grave stones which are used as a light source, the players. The events that happen during the game, must be interpreted independently on the basis of item descriptions and associated with each other, because as usual, there is no active storytelling.