LED Light Bulbs for Home Use

One of the fundamental aspects of interior design house lighting: depending on the placement and type of installation, it is possible to obtain different atmospheres, for a brighter or more relaxing environment.

LED Wall Lamp for Bathroom

We discover the details for home lighting and advice to illuminate the best without breaking the bank.

The choice of the type of lighting is as important as that of any furniture, but to make this decision even more significant is the economic aspect.
In fact, it’s not so much the initial outlay to weigh on household budgets, since the energy consumption that goes inevitably to taxing the electricity bill.

Lighting: making the right choice means saving

To make the right choice – satisfying your needs – we must become familiar with the different solutions on the market, and these are no longer limited to the traditional incandescent light bulb.
Over the years he has become increasingly foot the halogen bulb – widely used for most internal lamps until it has entered the scene LED lighting.

Let’s find out cheap lighting fixtures for home to determine which solution is right for your home.

Halogen lighting is the first evolution

It’s been more than a hundred years after production of the first models of the dear old incandescent light bulb, that we all know today and we have at home, made of a glass bulb and a tungsten filament that, crossed by electric current, can produce a quantity of photons sufficient to illuminate a dark room.

Today this type of bulbs is now obsolete, and the technology evolved in the halogen lamp, an incandescent bulb inside which is added a halogen gas – usually iodine.
The presence of this gas enables the bulb to be whiter and warm at the same time, returning significantly more intense light output than the classic light bulb.

If a traditional bulb has as life lasts about 1000 hours, a halogen bulb has an average life cycle ranging from 2000 to 6000 hours: more light with less power and at least twice the duration.

Disadvantages for halogen lighting

Unfortunately, the use of halogen bulbs derive some disadvantages, starting right from excessive overheating of lamp for the production process of photons.
The temperatures of a halogen bulb can reach very high peaks, resulting in heating of the surrounding environment. But it is not just why you should not manipulate barehanded a halogen lamp: with skin contact, in fact, the lamp may lose its effectiveness given the particular material used for the construction of the bulb or quartz.

Tied to this material there is an additional disadvantage that affects the emission of ultraviolet radiation: it is indeed known that quartz fails to adequately protect the UV light produced by the lamp, and a prolonged skin exposure to these rays can cause problems over time.

The solution exists and is already applied to some types of halogen bulbs, which are produced with a special layer wrapped around the bulb, can reduce 80% of UV rays.

Finally, disposing of a halogen lamp must follow a precise procedure because the halogen lamps cannot simply be recycled into glass.

LED light bulbs are the future

With regards to lighting home advice lately go in the direction of LED lamps, although in the end is always the personal taste to Lord it.
In the specific case of LED light, all the people who have switched to this type of lighting have been able to see real cuts in electricity bill, but also the opportunity to give free rein to creativity at home, thanks to the different compositions and colors of LED lights.

Take advantage of the LED lighting in the bathroomLED Wall Lamp for Bathroom

Bathroom lighting is really important, so the attention of designers and manufacturers focused on the bathroom area to create LED lamps dedicated to this area of the House. In particular, the mirror requires priority attention because illuminate properly this part of the bathroom is to put ourselves in the right light.

LED wall lamp for bathroom

You can see some of the solutions on our catalog concerning right of LED wall lamp designed for bathrooms and designed to be placed above the mirror.
Ideal for renovating the bathroom area with a new light. This – with respect to the replacement of the entire bathroom furniture – is a cheaper solution that doesn’t require commitment.
These two LED bathroom wall light in sizes from 30cm wide and 45cm wide.

LED mirror light for bathroom

Or, when you start from scratch or replacing your old bathroom mirror, you can take advantage of the integration of the LED light directly on the mirror. In this case you will get an intelligent solution, comfortable and stylish at the same time.
Find different models of LED mirrors for sale on our catalogue.

The latest models of bathroom mirrors have many innovations that respond to customers’ needs. These include the integration of USB sockets, using touch sensors, the integrated clock and integrating magnifying mirrors. All innovations that revolutionize the old concept of bathroom mirror.

What is certain is that not all environments require the same amount of light.

As we saw bathroom lighting is more focused on the mirror to see the best make-up or shaving of sorts, while the bedroom lighting in general we tend to take advantage of regulators able to vary the intensity of the light to make the environment mLore cozy with a softer light before going to sleep.

Why choose when you can harness the power of both technologies?
The ideal solution would be to install halogen bulbs – those with filter to shield UV rays – in the kitchen or in the hallways, and add spotlights with Led light, or rather flush light points, to brighten up your stay in the area longer lived.

What solution did you choose to brighten up your home?