LED Lighting for Living Room Ideas

The lighting in the living room is very important because it determines the atmosphere in the room and serves as a reference for the rest of the decoration. LED lighting, very popular and great practice, is one of the ways to evenly illuminate your living room without breaking the Bank. The living room is the room that we used in the evening and that several people share at the same time, it’s good to opt for more than one fixture and think well of light sources available.

Together, choose LED lighting for the living room and the types of luminaires using practical tips and a gallery of inspiring photos!

LED lighting in the living room: cornice light and spotlights recessed

You have to choose indirect LED lighting, for example, by making a ledge during the construction of the ceiling. Using LED strips that you can install on his inside, you get a soft light that does not hurt the eyes and, increasingly, in one of your favorite colors.

Light niches in contemporary style lounge

The indirect light doesn’t have to come from the ceiling. The niches in the walls, cabinets or Wall shelves can also serve as light sources and create even charming lighting effects. Another possibility is to use the built-in or adjustable LED spotlight to highlight a special corner in the living room or a work of art, for example. The paintings on the walls and statues on the shelves will be even more attractive under the spotlight!

LED lighting and the types of luminaires to be used in the living room

Lamps to ask are usable on extra tables on consoles or the furniture of secondary importance, while the ceiling and suspension are central, normally in the middle of the ceiling or above the coffee table. If you have a large contemporary lounge, you can add a design lamp next to a comfortable chair to form your corner of reading and rest. Wall lights are also a good option, but especially for accent lighting.

Great balls and LED lighting in the living room open suspension

Modern living room with ribbons to LED, recessed spots and design lamp

LED lighting in the contemporary lounge spots on rail and recessed spots

Showcase with spots of accent and modern design tripod floor lamp

Wall light LED, superb suspensions and table lamp design

LED lighting in the living room ceiling, spotlights and ribbons

Bulbs and bright irregularly shaped cornice suspensions

Cornice of ceiling LED lighting, recessed spots and lamps to ask