LG Fireweb Pops up at CES

LG’s first phone with Firefox OS have appeared at CES, which Engadget has had it in his hand.

LG’s first mobile phone with Firefox OS have appeared at CES fair. The phone is no novelty in itself, it has been available in Brazil for a while now and was supposed to be launched in Europe in the coming months whether it involves Denmark, however, is not known.

Engadget has had the phone in your hand and doesn’t further excited for either hardware or software. They tell to the four inch display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels is uninspiring (144 PPI) and that 1 GHz processor is not worth to write home and-and yet they do it anyway when telling the processor does an excellent job in running the HTML5-based applications.

It must also be said that it is not supposed to Fireweb must be a high flier in specifications. The fact that running the HTML5-based operating system, Firefox US is the real news.

The phone costs the equivalent of about 1,150.0-crowns in Brazil, which is probably a little more than it would cost at home, but time will tell.