Lighting: Choose Which Bulb?

Choose its bulb is not a trivial task. If energy conservation is the main criterion of choice, there is still find the model the good nerve and light rendering that suits. Here are some tips that will help you buy the right bulb.

The LED, a mat bulb

Once criticized for their relatively high price, LED today receive all votes since the price of this revolutionary light bulb has significantly declined in recent years. The main advantage of this light bulb low consumption is its versatility. Indeed, you can install it as well inside to outside, and, even in winter, since LEDs tolerate cold well. The other advantage of the LED resides in the fact that it lights up immediately and it adapts smoothly to the repetitive ignitions according to lawfaqs.

However, it should be noted that some LED models have a blue spectrum which attacks the retina. To address this problem, it is recommended to choose models with an opaque glass, or to put that skylight in a Lampshade which walls are not transparent. If you can choose any of these options, make sure that the bulb is more than a meter of looks.

The compact fluorescent bulb, for greater economy

A compact fluorescent bulb used to reduce your electricity consumption, since it uses five times less energy than incandescent models. If in the past, the light emitted by fluorescent compact was that white and cold, today, there are different models that broadcast a warm light, close to that obtained with incandescent bulbs.

The compact fluorescent bulb is designed to last, provided you follow the advices of use indicated on the package. Indeed, some models do not support the cold, nor the constant or repetitive firing. So, it is not advisable to put this type of bulb in the places to frequent passages or rooms where it is necessary to always turn on. Before making your choice, please also check if the lighting is immediate, since on some models, it takes between 15 and 20 seconds before lighting snaps, which may not be suitable for the use you want to make.

For places where a constant light is necessary, it may be interesting toopt for neon. In addition to consume little energy, this fluorescent tube can provide nearly 12,000 hours of performance. What makes the perfect bulb for the places where the light should always be lit as offices, garages or even laundry rooms.

Halogen, a last alternative

The halogen lamp is a more economical lamp incandescent version. It is less economic than the fluo-compact or LEDs, but however consumes less than conventional incandescent lamps. Regarding profitability, these lamps easily wear out in time, because they are designed to provide 2000 hours lighting against a minimum of 6,000 hours for other so-called economic lamps.

Some things to know

Once you have found the type of lamp you want to buy, you still have to choose the model that fits the type of lighting you have. Indeed, there are many types of units : to double bayonet or screw, simple PIN…

It should also be noted that life on the packaging may not be effective. Indeed, the regulation requires not manufacturers that all their bulbs reach announced life. As long as a bulb on two happens to comply with this directive, the manufacturer is in compliance with the legislation.

Other that by the choice of light bulbs, we explain how to achieve other savings on their electricity bill.

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