LinkedIn Implements Button to Apply for Jobs

The LinkedIn has a new button that should appeal in full recruiters around the world. Called “Apply with LinkedIn”, something like “apply with LinkedIn” button allows you to immediately show interest in a job vacancy advertised using the very LinkedIn platform.

Relying on the company – considered the largest professional social network in the world – that time to send resumes by email over. Instead, you use the information in their own LinkedIn profile to fast forward a CV to the company in search of more staff.

“We will make it easy for you to submit your profile for any job application on the web with a single click. Some of the first companies to their debut the button Apply with LinkedIn ‘on their own websites (besides our) include Netflix, TripIt, Photobucket, and a thousand other companies. ”

When operating, the Apply with LinkedIn is very simple even shows. Whenever the button appears next to the description of a vacancy, the LinkedIn user can click on it. A box with your personal and professional information appears above all – with the right to edit the data. Once the information is confirmed and the profile is according to what the subject wants to move to the company, just send.

According to LinkedIn, a confirmation message will be displayed to ensure that the virtual profile was effectively sent. In this same window, the social network tells you which contacts work for that company in question. Hence ask that former co-worker type a statement in your own LinkedIn is a jump – it certainly increases your chances of getting this job.

The button to apply for a LinkedIn job is not limited to the LinkedIn pages. Companies can implement it in their websites with very few lines of code (even made a special page explaining this). Below is an example of how the source code will work, provided by the social network.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””>
<script type=”IN/Apply”
data-jobTitle=”Chief Cat Wrangler”

The LinkedIn promise is that the button may work together with human resource management systems. With this, companies could integrate it into databases, making the task of managing simpler candidates. That is, everything has to be adopted by the market quickly.

The Apply with LinkedIn effectively comes after a month since we learn it first. Until it did not take much. Or take?