LinkedIn Wins Appeal to Follow People (But Only Some)

LinkedIn, the social network for professional contacts, today added a button to follow people, which works much like the features already on Twitter and Facebook. The feature will allow users to track updates of people that are not in their contact lists. But one detail: You can only follow a few people.

Himself LinkedIn selected 150 “influential leaders” for them to share their knowledge on the social network. On the list are people like President Barack Obama; Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group; Arianna Huffngton, editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post; Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn; David Marcus, president of PayPal; and Olaf Swantee, CEO of British operator EE.

Updates of the leaders are usually great texts, including videos, photos and even presentations. This LinkedIn page is a list of leaders that you can follow and the last post that each published – all have written something, which means you must have rolled a good money behind. If you consider yourself an influential person in your field, you can also sign up.

While LinkedIn will not release the resource for the poor mortals like us, you can only share content with people belonging to your list of connections. When the feature is enabled for ordinary users, perhaps the social network to be used more often, not only to fill the profile and leave the abandoned account.