Little Black Jacket: Is It The Timeless Classic Of Every Woman?

Just pretty much every fashion blog deals with the “Little Black Jacket” – the little black jacket – by Chanel. Not only is the enthusiasm for the timeless classic, which is an asset to any wardrobe as a fashion Basic. A hype to the 58-year-old garment is caused mainly by the same name, international touring exhibition, which currently makes guest appearances in Berlin, and the accompanying book by Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld has actually managed to move, to be photographed with the cult jacket over 100 celebrities to do so. Thus, the star designer has not only proved that a short, black, pretty figure close cut Bouclé jacket with patch pockets and round neck really everyone – no matter whether man or woman – stylish wear can be. He has been hyped “The Little Black Jacket” to the art object.

A Chanel jacket makes every woman look good – is it true?

While the design of the fashion classic from collection to collection was constantly changing, always meet the contemporary needs of fashionistas worldwide to. Just recently the GRAZIA magazine in its print edition (issue No. 46 of November 8, 2012, starting on page 60) presented an updated version of the Chanel jacket and made the road test: in very different women with different clothing styles came to the conclusion that the jacket really to everything and everyone can be wearing. Something of course invites to go this magic to the bottom. What does the current Chanel jacket that women of all ages, every character and every style so wonderful in it look like? I’ve seen there very carefully. Here are my findings:

A form giving fabric with an interesting life of its own

The jacket is made of black, metallic changing fabric. The fabric is soft, cuddly, and becoming at the same time. Because he has a certain volume and enough level, to give form to the individual parts of the body, without constricting. The color black is of course unbeatable and (almost) every woman. The iridescent look also helps to create a sculptural effect and creates an interesting surface. The jacket is not simply just black – its surface leads an interesting life of its own!

Asymmetric round neck with deep lapels

It seems to be squaring the circle: the jacket combines an asymmetrical round neck is closed with a button on the right shoulder, with a deep, unilateral lapel. This divides the entire upper body when closed belt on a diagonal and restructures them completely. This asymmetrical details are not only very effective, they make even slim!

An appearance between biker-chic and elegance damenhafter

The diagonal line of the CAP look reminds a bit of diagonal zipper the classic Perfecto leather jacket by Marlon Brando. This association is supported by the multi-row stitching on the upper arm, which also created the impression of a motorcycle jacket. This makes the jacket style ready for the biker look and can they act as a suitable for all casual outfits. The noble material, the brass buttons, rounded shoulders and hems, the slightly slanted patch flap pockets in turn show the ladylike, elegant side of the classic. This effect is reinforced when the jacket is worn open. Then a light A line can be seen, which makes me think of the elegant short earrings jacket from the 50s.

Accentuated shoulders and sleeves harmonic proportions

A horizontal line that is caused by partition seams and stitching runs over the chest and the upper arms. They accentuate the chest and shoulder area. This effect is reinforced by the further cut upper arms and the sculptural effects of quilting there. Despite greater arm width, the vertical partition seams of sleeves can appear narrow arms. The easily issued cuffs with slot creates an appropriate counterweight to the broad upper arm and gives the proportions of the entire sleeve is again harmonious.

Open or closed: A tummy is just way cheated.

The belt of the jacket is positioned slightly above the natural waistline. This makes not only longer legs, but is ideal for women with a small tummy. I’m almost sure that the jacket also in pregnancy can be quite long wear… And in open the slight A-line is beneficial with its asymmetrically covered leading edges anyway for almost any Figure with more robust body Center .

Modern femininity in hourglass silhouette

Accentuated shoulders, a narrow, slightly raised waist and a little further, rounded hem: This gives the silhouette of a X character. Through their section details the jacket closed-form can emerge a classic hourglass figure–and no matter which character you actually have. Looks like modern femininity.

Not every woman is Hüftlänge

Remains nor the length of the jacket to inspect: here is the only small weak point of the cut in my opinion. Because depending on the body size, the hem of the jacket is located roughly at waist height. This is a bit difficult for women with very wide hips , which should avoid exactly this length. But also there is a rescue: the layered look. A longer blouse, a long sweater or a shirt that covers the hips and flashes out under the Chanel jacket, immediately raises the small figure dilemma…

Conclusion: on closer inspection, I’m also concluded that the current form of the little black Chanel jacket has many details that flatter a feminine figure. What is special about the jacket is but mostly its variability over time and with different looks. It simply merges with any style, the woman – or many man – in the sense. And that’s what so impressively represents Karl Lagerfeld with his art project. Since it is unnecessary almost, to mention that each of these cult jackets is an example of perfect craftsmanship from the most prestigious European factories. A Chanel jacket is just a piece of clothing for life, an investment from which benefit you and even the next generation.

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