Mac Mini as a Media Center

Around the latest Apple has created an intense debate. On the one hand are those who claim benefits for presenting, the price is still expensive. On the other hand, those who praise the led of the designs of the company Apple to the low price segment.

Mac Mini as a Media Center

Mac Mini no longer a computer that requires several extensions that they lead to more of the discussed 489 euros, flirtatious, but rather functionally limited. However, its dimensions you are giving more than interesting possibilities: If a few days ago we mentioned the Mac Mini car, today plays talk about conversion of Mac Mini into a Media Center by the guys at Engadget.

A Media Center it comes to be the device capable of integrating different possibilities before scattered in various appliances such as television, watching DVD, DivX, listen to CDs or MP3, watch your digital photos, or even connect to services through internet, such as games, music, TV and radio online.

Of course you’ll have to make investments. We will have to expand storage capacity (up to the 80 gigabytes will be scarce), video inputs and audio (think of connecting video, home theater, portable player, the output to TV) as well as a PVR system as EyeTV which brings posibildiades of recording in MPEG2. In short, the most ardent “mackeros” will no longer have to leave the world Apple to have their Media Center, while the rest (viewing the investment and effort to perform) it is likely to think it us twice.

Update: In Microserfs (“The Mac mini as DVR”: also discussed it and discussed in the comments, several of the implications.