MAC ‘Stylishly Yours’ Lipsticks + Dupe

Yesterday I was in Nuremberg – and have sinned directly times. Who can’t do that in the two colors?

But well, I had a good reason to buy the two colours – I was looking for a dupe for ‘petals & peacocks”from the London life LE (March 2010), that yes even longer no longer exist. “Gladiola” would probably have been a good replacement from the Dame Edna LE (Winter 2008) , but that is of course even longer…

In addition to two lipsticks from the normal range – namely “girl about town” and I “Lickable”, then only the pink “something new” tested and then came (because “petals & peacocks” is still primacryl, and a tad bit more purple) on the idea to put a little “style curve” over it. Et voilà – the similarity is there on FLORALAMAKEUP.COM!

To show you, I’m a pretty lip pictures with “petals & peacocks” by none other than → Karrie in addition to my mix:

Well, my version is brilliant, “petals & peacocks” has a rather dull amplified finish, my two are amplified and Cremesheen, are also some shimmer particles in “style curve”. But almost no difference is colour-coded to recognize, or?

I want to show also of course the two new lipsticks you…

“Something new” – a bright pink with amplifiedfinish. Nice creamy and opaque – also great for layering, if you want to have it quite strongly times.
The color beautifully illuminates the lips and wet shiny effect.

“Style curve” – a pretty pink purple with strong blue tint blue shimmering particles.
The finish is Cremesheen.
What is rather sheer on the lips than pen looks still very purple and extreme, and then acts but pink rather than purple. The shimmer then lets some bodies but purple appear, but sometimes bluish – a great effect!

Mixed “something new” and “style curve” revealed an almost perfect dupe for “petals & peacocks” – up on the glow, the color is identical – who so not had access to at the London Life LE should consider, now in the Stylishly Yours LE to pick up these two lipsticks.
Both colors are great individually, but together form a third wonderful, strong luminous colour – which brings a little color into your dull life especially now in wintertime.
I am now very happy – mainly because I had before, one of Karrie’s make-up according to make-up. And I finally got one right, lipstick pink (→ “pink Friday” is yet more pink or to pastellig).
May “venomous villains” LE possible as a replacement for “curve style” one of the lipsticks from the →, namely “Violetta”, containing also some shimmer particles (not so many blue, more silvery) and of the finish here but is amplified, but also affects the lips. The who must so do not necessarily buy “style curve”.

Did you take with what even in the LE?

The two other lipsticks are so permanently (“cockney”, the red one with lustre finish) and from the PRO range (“neon Orange”, the bright orange with amplified finish) and thus not an absolute must. The cream colour bases I think personally very pretty (one would be an almost dupe for “petals & peacocks”), but actually not so much like that, especially on the lips not (they are also not really intended). The pigments are still quite interesting for those who have it like harder on the eyes – but the price too much for an art that will live longer than I is me. I don’t need the Mascaras and Fluidlines also (I especially the Fluidlines from Bobbi Brown in the same colors) and the beauty powders are too schimmerig to me.

I can think of that many of you are quite eagerly waiting the Cham Pale LE – I’m somehow too, though I – yes then like to look especially for the lips – for more color.
A Paint Pot and a lipstick on, possibly even a paint – me talk but actually I had made Yes me, nothing more to buy… MAC is so mean!