Main Advantages of a Bamboo Fishing Rod

The article that I bring you today, fills me with emotion write it, because fishing bamboo rod, was one of my first attachment of fishing, when I started in this art. So, I want to tell you some very useful tips in finding a bamboo fishing rod, to develop Cork fishing in rivers and lakes in your area.

Main Advantages of a Bamboo Fishing Rod

Worth noting, that this fishing technique, is only effective in river fishing (freshwater), without ruling out that you can try something in its Navy, but the results will not be the same…

That you must keep in mind when it comes to getting your fishing bamboo rod?:

-The first thing you must find out, is where you’ll cut your fishing rod, the bamboo tree is in perfect health conditions, i.e. that no Visual wear of deterioration on the ground.

-The approximate length you cut cane, is approximately 2 meters. If you want longer you can do it, everything will depend on what is the distance you need, so that your bait falls within the fishing zone that you chose. If the distance is close, you can cut about meter fishing rod and a half, and if the distance is longer, you can cut it about 3 m, always taking care of you is comfortable grip of your fishing rods, and the arm do not get tired you much.

-Then cut the bamboo fishing rod, you have to let it dry in the Sun, at least 4 days, or until notes that it has dried completely. When drying, bamboo lost much weight, and passes the natural greenish color, a color Brown (carmelita); This will be very helpful for you, because you can hold much longer fishing rod in your hand.

-Shank should have been dry, Brown colored, and arched somehow, in this way, you will feel better bites and you can take your screenshots from water much more easily.

-If at the tip of the rod, where you will place your thread of fishing, there is some irregularity, you can sand it with fine sandpaper, so there is no friction with the thread, and so avoid losing catches.

-Never position thread fish over 15 lbs in your bamboo fishing rod.

-You must use a small lead, to help lure reach the bottom, but without that interfere in sinking the buoy that you placed.

-The thickness of the bamboo fishing rod, should not be very fat, and contrary to the conventional fishing rods of bamboo should have a certain rigidity to achieve greater effectiveness of catches.

I hope to have provided another grain of sand in your repertoire as a fisherman. Remember that fishing rod with bamboo material, is easy to use, you can make them mismo(ahorras dinero), and if you use them well, you can achieve a lot of catches in rivers and lakes.

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Yasel Dominguez

Expert in the art of fishing.