Marc by Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

For the upcoming season Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 the second line of the New York Couturier media, Marc, the wake of previous collections, with a stylistic line quite similar to the current spring-summer 2011, continues to the old, much more cool call it retro, something very new and trendy.

The young line lets be both, to go a step further, already it is not the signature of Marc Jacobs to dress wealthy teens, but a brand with a own style and recognizable, and furthermore already has his own followers, who by the way are not few. But in my opinion they have of renew is style in general, in the same way as the chromatic, since if we publishing the last shows of the House, we see very few innovations, with the risk posed to not innovate in a focused firm to a Devourer of trends and lover of the new public.

The keys of the parade are the inspiration in other decades in a blend of the style of the forties y seventies, that apparently you have more things in common than we think, or at least to Jacobs look it, though it also revisits some animal print. Important outer garments as the raincoats or the Classic coats.. The commitment by the clothing jacket, Tweed day and evening night with metallic finish. The preference for the earth tones, some accent color mustard, camel and red, and of course the black and the blue.

Tweed on day costumes

It is one of the materials star the proposal together to the point, are they responsible for dress daytime outfits the elegant sea. In this way a suit jacket with American three-button in color camel, combined with a shirt to play in the same tone and is complete with a Brown tie. The same camel color high shooting pants highlighting the waists and jointly with knitted sweater from striped print.
The Tweed In addition to smooth occurs with print of pictures, a set of American tailor Cross double breasted Beige and with Brown accents and combines with a generous Turtleneck Sweater at color tile. Court shoes Converse leather, or soled shoes rubber metal stamping in Brown and orange shades shoes costumes, of generous and broad Court Indeed, giving an informal point to the proposal for a day.

Glossy finish in evening suits

Afternoon night repeating you calves them style, but the materials are changed. Now the point, is of Silk and much lighter (in the former cashmere and much greater weight), although in the same way we use to the stripes as the high collar and decorative, motive or ‘v’ neckline as favorite cuts.
For the evening the American they are of two buttons and tighter cut. The cold much more subtle and elegant wool black are evening materials protagonists. Highlights also the American’s Velvet with micro-point blank spatula combined with white shirt and ochre cut. The ideal accessory in addition to the tie is the Ultra-fine belt twisted game with footwear.

Styles 40’s and 70’s in coats, parkas and trench coats

Cross shelters of large lapels with dolbe row of buttons and belt at stake, camel or brown combined with pants dress and dark or hoddie pants with cuffs in the Netherlands. In white shirt and tie in green jade or jersey Turtleneck in the same tone, but always with sunglasses, in outfits from the most seventies.
In the same way a coat of cut 1940s merino wool in color mouse, combined with a Tweed suit in blue, Burgundy colour puts the accent color.

The raincoats and the trenchs of glossy finish, are well presented with neck of lamb or framed with a leather belt. For the more casual is also rescued the parka, adronado of a large hood topped with hair, which is combined with a checked shirt wept and pants chandaleros.

Pins tie, handbags and sunglasses of pasta

Supplements are one of the keys that mark over the style clearly retro, This will return the pins tie in Dorado, the sunglasses rounded corners of large format paste of Carey, and handbags shoulder bag or nylon mixed with leather handles.